Writing Meetings

Below are the currently scheduled summer writing meetings. These are being used to determine the most efficient (while still fun and entertaining) way of running writing meetings.

If you'd like to run one of these meetings yourself, just pick a date. Come up with some unique twist that you think would make for a good meeting (i.e., come prepared). If you want a specific room, book it, or you can use a public area or our offices.

To leave feedback on what worked and what could use improvement on each of these meetings, click on the name of the meeting. Hopefully by the end of the summer we'll have a good guide for what makes an excellent writing meeting.

05-28-09 - "The Morehouse"; Victoria Valencia (Octowedge)
06-04-09 - "Meeting circa C07"; Andrew Wilkins (Riley office)
06-11-09 - "NSO sketches"; Lauren Spada
06-18-09 -
06-25-09 -
07-02-09 -
07-09-09 - "Sketches via Internet"; Andrew Wilkins
07-16-09 -

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