Rachel Wigell

Show Credits

  • Producer, C13

Acting Credits

  • Daughter in Story Time, C12
  • Sally in Genie of the Lamp, D12
  • Actress 1 in Kilroy Pun Comedy, D12
  • Damsel in Distress in The 99% of Gotham, D12
  • Wife in Where is the Mail?, D12
  • Testimonial 1 in ENERGY, D12
  • Sir Alice in And Then There Were Several, A12
  • Testimonial 1 in Fuckugram, A12
  • Head Pin in Rec Center, A12
  • Testimonial 1 in Liquid Warm, B12
  • Tooth Fairy in Tooth Fairy, B12
  • Jill in Paint, B12
  • Director in McSlightly Blue, B12
  • Chick 2 in Dad Picks Up Chicks, C13
  • Testimonial 1 in Dark Arts, C13
  • Washer in Hall Sports, C13
  • Daughter in I Got Your Nose, C13
  • Mom in School Misconduct, C13
  • Lisa in Socialist Monopoly, C13
  • Lisa in Thermonuclear Battleship, C13
  • Girl in Vampires, C13
  • Honey in McMcChicken, or is it?, D13
  • Bretta in Fuzzy Granalo, D13
  • J in Inferior Design, D13
  • Mom in Your Mom, A13
  • Betty in Broccoli Joke, B13
  • Dancer in The Dancers, B13
  • Aphrodite in Greek Mother, B13
  • Popcorn Fodder 3 in Popcorn up the Wazoo, B13
  • Beth in Szafarowicz, B13
  • Woman in Pulp Friction, C14
  • Martha in Pulp Friction, C14
  • Extra 4 in Pulp Friction, C14
  • Female Worker in Pulp Friction, C14
  • Bethany in Pulp Friction, C14
  • Gina in Man Council, D14

Writing Credits

  • The Ultra Vegan, C12
  • The Fresh Troll of Bel Air, C12
  • Tooth Fairy, B12
  • The Interview, B12
  • Shorts, B12
  • Dad Robs a Bank, D13
  • Your Mom, A13
  • Broccoli Joke, B13
  • The Dancers, B13
  • Undress, B13
  • Utterly Useless, B13

Directing Credits

  • Genie of the Lamp, D12
  • Crackerjack, A12
  • Editor of The Curse, B12
  • Shorts, B12
  • Hall Sports, C13
  • State Farm, C13
  • Fuzzy Granalo,, D13
  • Socialist Media, D13
  • No Church, A13
  • The Balls Sketch, B13
  • The Bodies 1, C14
  • The Bodies 2, C14
  • The Bodies 3, C14

Reoccurring Characters

  • Children


  • She had a sketch made in her very first show, despite missing the first voting meeting.
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