Vanessa Legere

Show Credits

  • Producer, D17

Acting Credits

  • Musician 2 in Ban'd Camp, A15
  • Ralph in Mind Equals Blown, A15
  • Angela in Is it Whiskey?, A15
  • Girl 2 in Cat Calling, B15
  • Alan in Now with more Banana, B15
  • Jen in Software Update, B15
  • Muffin the Gorilla in Stay Classy, C16
  • Party Goer in Take One for the Road, C16
  • Cindy in Nightmare Scenario, C16
  • Keith in What an Asshole, C16
  • Ann in Spirit Animal, D16
  • Roommate in Welcome to College, A16
  • Phil in Astrology Pro, A16
  • Reporter 2 in Swiff Team, B16
  • Steve in Pickup Truck, B16
  • Exec 3 in National Days, C17
  • Mark in That Counts, C17
  • Blake in Life, B17
  • Vanessa in Advanced Bitch, B17
  • Prof Smith in Curve Killer, B17
  • Liara in Knocks You Down, B17
  • Narrator in Christmas Stalkings, B17
  • Woman in Second Cumming, B17
  • Terry in Lactose Intolerants, B17
  • Extra in Murder Mystery, C18
  • Person 2 in Schoolhouse Techno, C18
  • Dad in Dads Club, C18
  • Host in Wine Wars, C18

Directing Credits

  • Leftovers, C16
  • The History of WPI, A16
  • Church of Bro Jesus, B16
  • Snailien, B16
  • That Counts, C17
  • Recyclemaniac, D17
  • Taken, D17
  • Jesus Goes to AA, B17
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