Tim Jones

Acting Credits

  • Man in A Tale of Two Cats, A14
  • Mugger in Mr. Rodger's Hood, B14
  • Chef in Chef, B14
  • God in Devil, B14
  • Chef in Modern Art, B14
  • Lestrade in Colemen Stacy in The Rival, C15
  • Intern in AFN, D15
  • Michael Potter in Michael Potter, A15
  • Losing Candidate in Yes We Can, A15
  • Elbridge in Gonzo Robotics, A15
  • Caesar in Caesar, B15
  • Elbridge in Intro, B15
  • Lestrade in Coleman Stacey: The End of the End, C16
  • Cindy's Dad in Nightmare Scenario, C16
  • Tim in Black Magic, C16
  • Bob Patterson in Topless News, C16
  • Hero in World War D, D16
  • Headphones in Noise Cancelling Headphones, A16
  • Narrator in Enter the Hidden Fearless Dragon 5: The Search for the Hidden Fearless Dragon 4: Revenge of Kung Fu Island, B16
  • Narrator in Driver Alert, B16
  • Narrator in Snailien, B16
  • Tim in Its Always Windy in Worcester, C17
  • Agent Jones in Waldo: The Movie, A17
  • Senior in Seniors, A17
  • Satisfied Customer in Have You Considered Not Doing That?, B17
  • Harper in "In To" vs. "Into", B17
  • Narrator in Intro, C18
  • Narrator in Context, Parts 1-5, C18

Writing Credits

  • Realistic Action, C15
  • Nothing in Life is Freemium, C15
  • Stormtrooper Basic Training, B15
  • Baguette, C16
  • World War D, D16
  • The T Charger, D16

Directing Credits

  • Realistic Action, C15
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