Alex Thornton-Clark

Acting Credits

  • Mr. Cop in Truth or Dare, A10
  • Kilroy 2 in To the Moon, A10
  • Fatballer in Cheesy Fat Balls, A10
  • James in Safety First, A10
  • Sam in Parties 1, B10
  • Satan in Hell Hath No…, B10
  • Goyle in Hazing at Hogwarts, B10
  • British Guy in Magic Bathroom Stall, C11
  • Dr. Cliche in Blind Man 2: The Dark Sight, C11
  • Richard Butler in Moonpocalypse: REVENGE!, D11
  • Narrator in Daniel, A11
  • Sabrino in The Hurricane, A11
  • Waiter in Bistro Dijou, A11
  • Logic in Double Stuffed Gambit, B11
  • Professor Krabachov in The Russian, B11
  • Himself in Acceptation, C12
  • Mad Scientist in Blood Lab, C12
  • Doctor in Medical Misconduct, C12
  • That Other Guy with the Hat in Observations, C12
  • Board 3 in The Ultra Vegan, C12
  • Bill in Bass, A12
  • Reginald in Crackerjack, A12
  • Roommate 4 in Roommates, A12
  • LARPer in Cops: WPI Edition, B12
  • Dancer in The Robot, B12
  • Gerald in McSlightly Blue, B12
  • Preacher in Trial By Sound, B12
  • Jeff in Hall Sports, C13
  • Man in It Isn't Christmas, C13
  • King in The Drop, C13
  • Pilot in Flight, D13

Directing Credits

  • Assistant, The Hurricane, A11


  • He is Kilroy's only foreign member.

Recurring Characters

  • Dr. Cliche
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