Tori Spofford

Acting Credits

  • Mother in Star Wars Parody, A10
  • Kathy in Safety First, A10
  • Contestant in Hell Hath No…, B10
  • Sailor Venus in Sailor Moon Parody 3, B10
  • Godiva in Tree Startling, B10
  • Student in Hazing at Hogwarts, B10
  • Testimonial One in MultiGrain GardenFace, C11
  • Kirk in Sassquatch, C11
  • Iris in Mathfenders, D11
  • Gertrude McFlannihan in Moonpocalypse: Revenge, D11
  • Girl in Party Pick-Up, B11
  • Student 2 in The Russian, B11
  • Pourer in Fresh Troll of Bel-Air, C12
  • Betty in Observations, C12
  • Martha in Parenting: Prequel, C12

Writing Credits

  • Editor, To The Moon, A10

Directing Credits

  • Assistant, To The Moon, A10


  • Tori was wearing a boot during the A10 show, despite having a role that required her to walk up a sidewalk while pretending to drive.
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