The Punisher
The PUNisher
Written by Amy Castonguay
Directed by
The PUNisher Ryan Keough
Player 1 Ben Isabella
Player 2 Deke Taylor
Salesperson Francis Song
Customer Alex Laferriere
Girl Alice Abou Nader
Guy Brandon Vogel
First showing D Term 2006
Runtime 4:16
The PUNisher: The Play
Written by Amy Castonguay
Directed by Richard Pavis
Assistant Directors Rick Desilets
Mike Hyde
Stage Manager Ken Dawe
Festival Stage Manager Dan Herzberg
Dramaturg Chris Kingsley
The PUNisher Ryan Keough
Simile Aubrey Scarborough
Metaphor Nick Alden
Oxymoron Josh Luther
Onomatopoeia James "Chainsaw" Johnson
Anna Janna Flannery
Cliché Eric Sutman
Exposition Tom Collins
Fossil Watch Guy Andy Wisniewski
Jewelry Employee Vineet Barot
Obnoxious Player Brandon Secatore
Blackjack Dealer Minkyu Lee
Annoyed Player James "Chainsaw" Johnson
Sucky Customer Ben LaVerriere
Vacuum Salesman Allonte Bakarat
Movie Buff Boyfriend Deke Taylor
Horrified Girlfriend Lauren Spada
Forrest Andrew Wilkins
Botany Babe Aubrey Scarborough
Joke Teller Chris Osborn
Clearly Not Lorraine Valentina Polykova
Hostess Amy Zalatan
Waiter Jake Brown
Restaurant Patron Dickson McCannel


  • The PUNisher: The Play was produced as a part of the annual New Voices festival, and was performed April 10, 11, and 12, 2008.
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