Breaking Things
Breaking Things
Written by Jeremy Chapman
Directed by Alex Laferriere
Teacher Tim Jalbert
Dude Ryan Keough
Nerd Andrew Wilkins
Nerd 2 Caleb Wrobel
Students Jeremy Chapman
Tim Jalbert
Alex Laferriere
First showing C Term 2007
Runtime 04:33


  • During shots of the classroom, Tim Jalbert (the teacher) is sitting next to the Dude, Alex Laferriere (the director) is sitting in front of Nerd 2, and Jeremy Chapman (the writer) is sitting behind the Nerd.
  • Destroying the whiteboard caused Keough to break.
  • The cell phone took quite some time to destroy. The ease of Keough ripping it in half is due to the fact that it was already split apart at the beginning of the shot.
  • Alex Laferriere continues his tradition of having a Rubik's Cube in every sketch he directs.
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