Show List
Term Shows
Term/Year Show Name Director Producer
Season 1
B01 Unprotected Sketch Calvin Swaim Chad Pytel
C02 Eurotrance Remix Calvin Swaim Chad Pytel
D02 Spring Cleaning Calvin Swaim Chad Pytel
Season 2
B02 Yuletide Smut
C03 Sketchkapades: Kilroy on Ice!!!
D03 Stop Encouraging Us
Season 3
C04 Now With Sketch Comedy! Eric Pope Bill Lazzaro
D04 If KILROY Was A Person, It Would Have No Friends Mike Fortier Bill Lazzaro
Season 4
A04 KILROY Is Dating Your Sister Chris Serrano Ryan Sinapius
B04 Zing! Eric Mill Bill Lazzaro
C05 Revulva Tom Rosborough Kyle Del Bonis
D05 …And Scene Tom Rosborough Kyle Del Bonis
Season 5
A05 Sketchier Than Thou Ryan Sinapius
B05 Santa's Lap Feels Funny
C06 So Good, FOX Tried To Cancel Us Chris Serrano Sean Dyer
D06 The "A Bird Flew into a Pane of Glass (but was not hurt, because
no animals were harmed during the naming of this comedy festival)"
Comedy Festival
Imran Malek Ryan Keough
Season 6
A06 Facebook Told Us You're Single Ryan Keough Ben Isabella
B06 If KILROY Was A Baby Bird, I'd Throw Up In Its Mouth Alex Laferriere Richard Pavis
C07 The Dollar Menu of Comedy Ryan Sinapius Ryan Keough
D07 Caution: This KILROY is Extremely Hot Chris Serrano Andrew Wilkins
Season 7
A07 Sometimes, When I'm Alone At Night, I Look Up At The Moon, And
Aubrey Scarborough Andrew Wilkins
B07 Sofa King KILROY Alex Laferriere Michael Hyde
C08 Insert Coin To Continue Adam Nakama Rick Desilets
D08 KILROY presents "KILROY in "KILROY sketch comedy"" Andrew Wilkins Ryan Keough
Season 8
A08 A Series Of Progressively More Abstract Sketches On Kittens (And Their
Importance In Stimulating The Economy)
Aubrey Scarborough Mike Barone
B08 Serf's Up! Jon Zoll Vineet Barot
C09 KILROY: It's Not Your Fault Ian Hawkes Chris Pardy
D09 When This KILROY Hits 88 MPH, You're Gonna See Some Serious Show Michael Hyde Cara Marcy
Season 9
A09 Dr. KILROY, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Show Joshua Luther Andrew Wilkins
B09 KILROY: Bedazzled! Jake Lee Brown Lauren Spada
C10 Student Comedy Action Team Ian Hawkes Mike Riggieri
D10 KILROY Presents Roughly 1/12th of the Comedy Festival Aubrey Scarborough Neil Pomerleau
Season 10
A10 One Shot, One Kilroy Andrew Wilkins Jake Brown
B10 The Day the Earth Kept Spinning Elena Neil Pomerleau
C11 Comedy Research, Analysis, and Production Ian Hawkes Mike Riggieri
D11 Ian G.'s Funhouse & Moonpocalypse: REVENGE! Derrick Brown Bob Connick
Season 11
A11 Kilroy! at the Disco Ian Hawkes Hunter Putzke
B11 Kilroy: 10 Years of Unprotected Sketch Ethan Lawrence Katie Cabral
C12 Kilroy LIVE* Neil Pomerleau Hunter Putzke
D12 Please Keep Your Hands and Feet Inside the Show at All Times John Amante Neil Pomerleau
Season 12
A12 I am KILROY (And Show can You!) Neil Pomerleau Hunter Putzke
B12 We Came, We Saw, We Apologized Joe Szafarowicz John Amante
C13 Girls Gone Kilroy Katie Cabral Rachel Wigell
D13 Tickle Me Kilroy Joe Szafarowicz Neil Pomerleau
Season 13
A13 A-Term to Remember Andrew Haveles Andy Larsen
B13 1080 p-ness Neil Pomerleau Katie Cabral
C14 Pope Friction Joe Szafarowicz John Amante
D14 Kilroy: We have a Problem Erika Kollitz Hunter Putzke
Season 14
A14 We Train Engineers Scott Olson Alex Sunde-Brown
B14 Twelve Nights Before the Night Before Christmas Andrew Haveles Katie Amato
C15 Kil Roy Joe Szafarowicz Kate Rielly
D15 Spookshow, the Respookening John Amante Jessica Norman
Season 15
A15 Apocalypse Eventually Scott Olson Izzie Schiavone
B15 Kilroy Episode VII: Raiders of the Lost Droids Katie Amato Kate Rielly
C16 It's Not a Phase MOM Anthony Ward Jess Norman
D16 THEM Izzie Schiavone Jess Norman
Season 16
A16 Apollo 69 Izzie Schiavone Grace Gerhardt
B16 Kilroy Sketch Comedy Presents: Battle Kilroyale Kate Rielly Nick Songer
C17 Kilroy Presents: Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilroy Nick Songer Robert Harrison
D17 Kilroy Jazzes Everywhere Jess Norman Vanessa Legere
Season 17
A17 Killeth Roy Jess Norman Grace Gerhardt
B17 Life of Biran Nick Songer Ben Schade
C18 Kilroy Cable: The Movie: The Musical: The TV Show: The Trading Card Game: The Movie Again: The Video Game: The VHS: The Telltale Series: The 3D Movie: On Ice: REMASTERED Ben Schade Dennis Bergsman
D18 Kilroymanjaro Vanessa Legere Owen France
Season 18
A18 Up Sketch Creek Without a Paddle Robert Harrison Ryan Kennedy
B18 Kilroy? I Just Met Roy! Robert Harrison Kathryn Stovall
C19 Kilroy Must Be Stopped! Ryan Kennedy Mason Kaye
D19 Kill Roy Volume II Nick Songer Owen France
Season 19
A19 The High Cost of Low Comedy (My Kid Could Film That!) Ben Schade Mason Kaye
B19 Kilroy Gives Back Josh O'Grady Ben Staw
C20 Kilory is OK: Overly [K]ritical Mason Kaye Alexander Hayden
Special Projects
Term/Year Show Name Director Producer
E03 DISC: The Movie
B03 SEX a.k.a. Wieners and Boobs
B08 The EMS Show Jon Zoll Vineet Barot
C09 We Mean Well, But Really We're Just KILROY sketch comedy (seasons 1-5) N/A Rick Desilets
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