Season 9 (2009-2010)

A Term 2009 - Dr. KILROY, or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Show

KILROY Sketch Comedy
Dr. KILROY, or,
How I Learned to Stop Worrying
and Love the Show
Show Number 29
Academic Term A Term 2009
Show Date October 9, 2009
Director Joshua Luther
Producer Andrew Wilkins
Stage Manager Alex Gray
Sketches 18 (11 filmed, 7 live)
New Cast Members Elena
Alex Geyster
Alex Gray
John Hyde
Neil Pomerleau
Dan Suitor
Alex Thornton-Clark

A09 Sketch List

A09 Trivia

  • Members of KILROY figured out how to use After Effects during the previous summer.


KILROY Sketch Comedy
Show Number 30
Academic Term B Term 2009
Show Date December 11, 2009
Director Jake Lee Brown
Producer Lauren Spada
Assistant Director Ian Hawkes
Assistant Producer Michael Riggieri
Stage Manager Jon Zoll
Sketches 8 filmed

B09 Sketch List

  • The Game of Perpetual Disappointment
  • Traffic Lights
  • Mop and Me Origins
  • Pi Pi Pi
  • Just Another Infomercial
  • Bad Teacher: The Story of Jesus (REDUX)
  • Veni Vidi Wiki!
  • Dr Corvik Pt. 4

B09 Trivia

C Term 2010 - Student Comedy Action Team

KILROY Sketch Comedy
Student Comedy Action Team
Show Number 31
Academic Term C Term 2010
Show Date March 2, 2010
Film Director Ian G. Hawkes
Film Producer Michael Riggieri
Live Director Rick Desilets
Live Producer Lizzie Dawson
Improv Director Lindsey Lucier
Improv Producer Ethan Lawrence
Assistant Director Aubrey Scarborough
Assistant Producer Lauren Spada
Stage Manager Chris Sanchez
Sketches 9 filmed

C10 Sketch List

  • Devil Puppet
  • Jack Bauer Gets a Day Job
  • The C.C.
  • Important Revelations 1
  • Important Revelations 2
  • Blind Man: Belly of the Braille
  • The Romantic
  • Ian Hawkes' Avatar
  • I Want to Work for Ian

C10 Trivia

D Term 2010 - KILROY Presents Roughly 1/12th of the Comedy Festival

KILROY Sketch Comedy
KILROY Presents Roughly 1/12th of the Comedy Festival
Show Number 32
Academic Term D Term 2010
Show Date May 1, 2010
Director Aubrey Scarborough
Producer Neil Pomerleau
Stage Manager Chris Pardy
Sketches 18 filmed

D10 Sketch List

  • CSI Trailer
  • Intro D10
  • Sailor Moon Parody
  • Taking the GRE
  • Ian Hawkes: Lookin' fer Leuv
  • Duck Duck Goose
  • The Adventures of Mermaid Cop: Tyra
  • KenneDnD
  • Pulp Commercial
  • Mr. Rogers: Taking Back the Universe
  • Poor Fortune Philip
  • Titanic on Ice
  • Relative Insecurity
  • The Adventures of SuperTree!
  • The Adventures of Mermaid Cop: Girls
  • The Romantic: Extended Edition
  • What Are We Looking For?
  • Power Rangers PSA
  • Charlie and the Campus Tour

D10 Trivia

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