Season 8 (2008-2009)

A Term 2008 - A Series Of Progressively More Abstract Sketches On Kittens (And Their Importance In Stimulating The Economy)

KILROY Sketch Comedy
A Series Of Progressively More
Abstract Sketches On Kittens
(And Their Importance In
Stimulating The Economy
Show Number 25
Academic Term A Term 2008
Show Date October 10, 2008
Director Aubrey Scarborough
Producer Mike Barone
Stage Manager Rick Desilets
Master Editor Andrew Wilkins
Sketches 23 (17 filmed, 4 live, 2 mixed)
New Cast Members Daniel Alderman
Adam Belanger
Catherine Coleman
Sarah Fischer
Ian Hawkes
Minkyu Lee
Joe Miller
Michael Riggieri
Brian Shaw
Devin Thomas
Mihajlo Zeljkovic

A08 Sketch List

A08 Trivia

  • This was the first KILROY show filmed entirely in high definition. Sketches were shown in 720p.
  • Several sketches failed to make it into the show: Dr. Corvik III was not finished on time; Roombas was cut due to lack of roombas; I Am Liberal was not exported on time; and Trust Us, It Could Be Worse II was exported incorrectly.
  • Fire Alarm Intro was played at approximately 5:30PM the day of the show to test the projector, causing people in the Alpha Psi Omega meeting next door to think that there was an actual fire alarm going on (the miscommunication was fixed by KILROY members present).

B Term 2008 - Serf's Up!

KILROY Sketch Comedy
Serf's Up!
Show Number 26
Academic Term B Term 2008
Show Date December 12, 2008
Director Jon Zoll
Producer Vineet Barot
Assistant Director Ian Hawkes
Assistant Producer Matt Crocker
Stage Manager Alex Levy
Sketches 26 (18 filmed, 6 live, 2 mixed)
New Cast Members ?

B08 Sketch List

B08 Trivia

  • You'll Get Caught Up In The… was filmed on-location at the Mountain Mist Day Camp in Meriden, CT.

C Term 2009 - KILROY: It's Not Your Fault

KILROY Sketch Comedy
KILROY: We Blame You For Everything
Show Number 27
Academic Term C Term 2009
Show Date February 27, 2009
Director Ian Hawkes
Producer Chris Pardy
Stage Manager Lauren Spada
Sketches 22 (11 filmed, 9 live, 2 mixed)
New Cast Members ?

C09 Sketches

C09 Trivia

  • Laser Tag was filmed during B08, but was not finished on time. Bubb's Law was written for C08, but was never completed and repeatedly postponed. Ass Pirates was written for B07, but was not voted into the show.
  • Cain and Able was filmed and edited, but was held from the show due to issues with sound editing.
  • The original Ass Pirates III was cut from the show as it was written for Sofa King Kilroy, and didn't particularly fit into this show.

D Term 2009 - When This KILROY Hits 88MPH, You're Gonna See Some Serious Show

KILROY Sketch Comedy
When This KILROY Hits 88MPH,
You're Gonna See Some Serious Show
Show Number 28
Academic Term D Term 2009
Show Date May 2, 2009
Director Michael Hyde
Producer Cara Marcy
Assistant Director Joshua Luther
Assistant Producer Lauren Spada
Stage Manager Victoria Valencia
Sketches 28 (4 live, 22 filmed, 2 mixed)
New Cast Members Rob Matrow

D09 Sketches

D09 Trivia

  • The final line of The Future of Comedy, "Guy 1 (dying): Guess your right…", as written in the script, was the inspiration for the following sketch, Guess Your Right!
  • The music played during Beer is "On the Franches Mountains", an excerpt of which is famous as the yodeling during the Price is Right game "Cliffhangers". The music played during Guess Your Right! is the theme music to the 1970s editions of Card Sharks and Double Dare (as hosted by Alex Trebek with an afro).
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