Season 7 (2007-2008)

A Term 2007 - Sometimes When I'm Alone at Night, I Look Up at the Moon and Think of KILROY

KILROY Sketch Comedy
Sometimes When I'm Alone at Night,
I Look Up at the Moon
and Think of KILROY
Show Number 21
Academic Term A Term 2007
Show Date October 5, 2007
Director Aubrey Scarborough
Producer Andrew Wilkins
Stage Manager Dan Herzberg
Choreography Aubrey Scarborough
Sketches 23 (16 filmed, 7 live)
New Cast Members Maggie Allard
Jake Brown
Matt Crocker
Rick Desilets
Colin Etzel
Dan Herzberg
Joshua Luther
Chris Pardy
Tess de Rham
Lauren Spada

A07 Sketch List

A07 Trivia

  • 6 of the 23 sketches for Sometimes When I'm Alone at Night… were written by newcomer Maggie Allard.
  • In Listerine, Michael Hyde is actually pouring kiwi-strawberry vitaminwater in his pants.
  • The third song in Telegram!, rewritten by Maggie, is based on the Muppet Show theme song.
  • Ryan Keough's reasoning for naming his sketches Sex Sandwich Wars Boobs and Sex Zombie Confusion Boobs was that it would net more hits on YouTube. When uploaded, the names were changed to Sandwich Wars and Zombie Confusion.
  • The briefcase carried by Michael Hyde in Sex Zombie Confusion Boobs is actually the camera case.
  • Steak Fountain was not actually conceptualized by the KILROY Writing Group, but instead by Sunburns Theatre Co. at 7am at Denny's. The sketch reflects a word-for-word depiction of the actual conversation that took place. Shooting the fountain itself involved three cast members standing above or behind it, hurling raw steak into the shot.
  • In the opening shot for Relationships@WPI, Joshua Luther and Rick Desilets are shown eating Froot Loops out of styrofoam bowls, with no milk, with forks.
  • The photo used in What Goes Up… is that of Tim Jalbert, original director for Sometimes When I'm Alone at Night…
  • A version of WPI in Space exists where Alex Levy and Rick's characters have a conversation about various things, including an International Space Station kegger, various malapropisms of Bioshock, and aggro-ing rollercoasters.
  • Aubrey Scarborough is the first female director of a Kilroy Sketch Comedy show.

B Term 2007 - Sofa King KILROY

KILROY Sketch Comedy
Sofa King KILROY
Show Number 22
Academic Term B Term 2007
Show Date December 7, 2007
Director Alex Laferriere
Producer Michael Hyde
Stage Manager Caleb Wrobel
Chief Editor Rick Desilets
Choreography Adam Nakama
Sketches 28 (19 filmed, 13 live)
New Cast Members Jonathan Adler
Featuring Neal Humphrey
Eric Kolodziejczak
Matt Lowe
Lindsey Lucier
Jason "J" Moreno

B07 Sketch List

Notable Roles in Sofa King KILROY

Several characters (going even beyond the Three Guys and Lisa) were in multiple sketches, portrayed by the same actor:

  • Neil (11 sketches, played by Ryan Keough)
  • Mat (11 sketches, played by Rick Desilets)
  • Erik (11 sketches, played by Adam Nakama)
  • Lisa (5 sketches, played by Aubrey Scarborough)
  • Alex Levy (4 sketches, 1 excluded, played by Alex Levy)
  • Dr. Buharin (4 sketches, 1 excluded, played by Caleb Wrobel)
  • Big Homeless Al (3 sketches, 1 excluded, played by Michael Hyde)

B07 Trivia

  • Sofa King KILROY was conceptualized as Three Guys on a Couch by director Alex Laferriere as a set of live sketches and transitions revolving around three characters (Neil, Mat, and Erik) and a television set. These characters are based on Laferriere's real-life roommates Neal Humphrey, Matt Lowe, and Eric Kolodziejczak (collectively referred to in the credits, with Laferriere, as "The 7 Goulding"). While they are played by Ryan Keough, Rick Desilets, and Adam Nakama, respectively, during much of the show, they play themselves in the filmed sketch Milk Madness.
  • The character of the ex-girlfriend, Lisa, was conceptualized as a result of all the girlfriend roles in the filmed sketches, and a failed attempt to connect them all as one girl (ironically, Alex Levy played the boyfriend role in all five instances, eventually credited as playing the singular character Alex Levy). The result was the incorporation of a girlfriend into the live show. Her original name, Thex (short for "The Ex"), was only changed to Lisa a week before the final show.
  • All four main live characters have entrances timed to match a filmed sketch.
  • In all three sketches with both Levy and Cara Marcy (Phoenix Wedding, Corruption, and the postponed TMI Quartet), Levy plays the character Alex Levy while Cara plays the role of Alex Levy's girlfriend. All three sketches end with Levy slamming on something (the judge's bench, a chair, and a table, respectively) and storming off.
  • Because it was not planned that Levy would be playing a singular character, in Ramen Time! Jake Brown's character refers to the pile of Ramen he thinks is his friend as "Mike". In the credits for this sketch, Levy's character is named Alex "Mike" Levy.
  • In Corruption, Caleb Wrobel's character, Dr. Buharin, has a bandaged hand as a result of being bitten by Steve Washington's character, the zombie, in Zombie Death Prognosis. If any continuity were to exist, the chronological order of Buharin's four appearances is You've been accepted., Zelda Pregnancy, Zombie Death Prognosis, Corruption.
  • The tracksuit worn by Steve in Zombie Death Prognosis is the same as the one worn by Keough in Sex Zombie Confusion Boobs. It has become somewhat a trademark of zombies in Kilroy sketches.
  • College Superheroes: Episode 2 features the same four actors from D Term 2007's College Superheroes (Laferriere as Fratman, Caleb as Blaine, Steve as Has A Car Lad, and Keough as Amazo), as well as the original narrator (Andrew Wilkins) and a cameo by the original writer (Sean Dyer).
  • The party scene in College Superheroes: Episode 2 was filmed at Kilroy Thanksgiving.
  • CO>O2 was intentionally written as completely factually incorrect, as a light jab at the trustworthiness of Wikipedia.
  • One week before the final show, Keough realized that while Laferriere had written a show revolving around caricatures of his three housemates, there was no caricature of Laferriere himself present. Couch Guy #4 was written without Laferriere's knowledge and performed at the show, featuring Jon Zoll as the character Allicks, with all his props and positioning justified as what he needed for 6:30 am, the sketch immediately following it.
  • Meanwhile, Laferriere had arranged to secretly insert, as an entry for Random TV Clips, the sketch Reese, which was supposed to have been written and filmed several times in the past few years by Keough and Ryan Sinapius. It was played in the show featuring Zoll, without Keough ever having seen it before, immediately following the live sketch Bras. Only Caleb, Rick, and Zoll knew about both sketches.
  • A vast majority of the live show (dubbed The Omniscript) was written by Caleb, with 6:30 am, Milk Madness, and CO>O2 written by The 7 Goulding.
  • An extended version of Credits & Bloopers exists (without credits) that is over 33 minutes long.
  • Two sketches (Not Wire Tapping and TMI Quartet) were originally planned to be included in the show. Not Wire Tapping fell behind in production, and TMI Quartet was of unacceptable quality. They were postponed until at least next term.

C Term 2008 - Insert Coin to Continue

KILROY Sketch Comedy
Insert Coin to Continue
Show Number 23
Academic Term C Term 2008
Show Date February 22, 2008
Director Adam Nakama
Producer Rick Desilets
Asst. Director Caleb Wrobel
Asst. Producer Alex Levy
Stage Manager Chris Pardy
Sketches 36 (25 filmed, 14 live)
6 standup acts
New Cast Members Vineet Barot

C08 Sketch List

Notable Roles in Insert Coin to Continue

Several characters were in multiple sketches, portrayed by the same actor:

  • Jake (11 sketches, played by Jake Brown)
  • Gina (9 sketches, played by Maggie Allard)
  • The Heckler (8 sketches, played by Ryan Keough)
  • Mr. Malcoln (6 sketches, played by Ryan Keough)
  • Sr. Ophelia (5 sketches, played by Cara Marcy)
  • Max (5 sketches, played by Matt Crocker)
  • Fr./Mr. Brian (4 sketches, played by Andrew Wilkins)
  • Eddie the Emo (4 sketches, played by Adam Nakama)
  • Union Head (4 sketches, played by Rick Desilets)
  • Clyde (4 sketches, played by Andrew Wilkins)
  • Lorraine Heckler (3 sketches, played by Cara Marcy)
  • The Pope (3 sketches, played by Joshua Luther)
  • Jesus (3 sketches, played by Caleb Wrobel)
  • Fon Zoll (3 sketches, played by Jon Zoll)
  • Wilson (3 sketches, played by Caleb Wrobel)
  • Benjamin (3 sketches, played by Adam Nakama)

In addition, the "Couch Guys" from Sofa King KILROY reprised their roles in the sketch MILK Day.

C08 Trivia

  • Clocking in at approximately three hours, Insert Coin to Continue is the longest show put on by KILROY Sketch Comedy. It was co-sponsored by SocComm Minor Music and Comedy (Student Comedy Night) after discovering that both groups were intending to have an event on February 22 at about 8pm.
  • Insert Coin to Continue suffered an impressive number of unnatural hurdles over the course of its production, including $600 of school uniforms being mysteriously delayed by two weeks, a blizzard hitting the night several props needed to be obtained, the plate that holds the camera to its tripod going missing, one director getting sick the day set aside to film 5 sketches, the Student Comedy Productions computer crashing and becoming unusable, a dozen members of KILROY nearly being detained for having a prop gun, the SCP office's door handle falling off, a tape going missing, and a massive snowstorm the day of the show.
  • Due to the SCP computer crash, all capturing and editing for Insert Coin to Continue was done in the Media Lab of the George C. Gordon library.
  • Jake Brown only auditioned for one part. The intertwining stories resulted in him appearing as the character Jake in 11 sketches, more than any other character in the show.
  • The cold readings in Crossing Over were improvised by Rick Desilets.
  • In Press Start, Lauren Spada was unable to make it to the filming of her scene as Coat Girl. WPI and KILROY alum Amy Castonguay was at the filming and thus played the role, who walks off-screen and becomes Lauren in A Convenient Truth.
  • Four sketches, Jesus Disclaimer, Bübb's Law, Candid Candy, and College Superheroes 3 Trailer were cut due to time restrictions.
  • Ophelia & Jake 4 EVA was originally titled Luisa & Jake 4 EVA.
  • A slight anachronism occurs between Ophelia & Jake 4 EVA, Physical Education pt.1 and Even the Fire Hydrant?. At the end of Ophelia & Jake 4 EVA pt.1, Sr. Ophelia is following Jake down the hall, which is designed to lead into the live Ophelia & Jake 4 EVA pt.2, where Fr. Brian also states "it's Mr. Brian now". However, Physical Education pt.1 was placed in between the sketches and Even the Fire Hydrant? was placed afterwards.
  • The role of Mr. Malcoln in Physical Education was inspired by a high school physics teacher of Rick Desilets's, Mr. Miller, who thoroughly enjoyed minor physical abuse of his students, generally with electrical equipment like Tesla coils and magnetos.
  • Even the Fire Hydrant? was originally titled Even the Dog Shit?, for self-explanatory reasons.
  • During the production of Insert Coin to Continue, the tape containing the scenes "I Wish I Was With My Girlfriend" and "I Wish I Was With My Dad" from Lost and Found Magic pt.1 vanished, leaving the character Max wishing himself into prison right away. Three days before the show, the tape was found by Jon Zoll and the scenes were re-added.
  • Rick Desilets did in fact eat Chapstick and lip balm for Chapstick Eater.
  • The original ending for Physical Education pt.2 includes the line "What a great day to be a mammal" after pummeling Wilson, pretending to be the earth, with "comets".
  • Intermission on Hold is eleven minutes and six seconds long, and contains one long, continuous shot of Ryan Keough as the Heckler on hold.
  • Opium of the Masses was nearly cut several times due to what may be construed as an extremely offensive bit involving Jon Zoll playing a person choosing religion "after suffering a debilitating head injury".
  • During the filming of Game Over, an incident occurred in which WPI Campus Police was called when a custodian saw one actor holding a prop gun. An officer arrived and eventually confiscated the gun. Taking Back the Neighborhood, a fully-completed sketch, was postponed as a result, due to its gun-related humor. 2011, however, was not cut. Ironically, Kilroy members joked beforehand that the term show was so offensive they would be arrested for it. They even considered the show ending: Kilroy Goes to Jail
  • MILK Day was inspired by an actual conversation Joshua Luther took part in back in high school. Ryan Keough, Rick Desilets, and Adam Nakama reprised their roles from Sofa King KILROY as Neal, Mat, and Erik. In Sofa King KILROY, the sketch Milk Madness (the only sketch involving milk) was portrayed by the real "Couch Guys", Neil Humphrey, Matt Lowe, and Eric Kolodziejczak.
  • During the production of Insert Coin to Continue, directors were asked by Maggie Allard to, whenever possible, film Jake walking past, collecting red yarn. This would come together in Lost and Found Magic pt.3, where it is revealed that Jake is following the string to his one true love.
  • Haz Harrower appears in Game Over as the character Mrs. Malcoln, because Ryan Keough refused to be involved (as Mr. Malcoln) in a sketch that amounted to a mob chasing down Jesus.
  • Empty Set submitted Comedy Wears a Tie: Prison Break Trailer, filmed the day before the show, as an advertisement for the movie Comedy Wears a Tie the following night.
  • Dialogue in the final scene of The Credit Card was taken from an actual conversation between Matt Crocker and a credit card phone operator. Additionally, there was supposed to be one last scene where the Heckler grows a beard and dies, but a beard was never found and the scene was cut. The Heckler's predicament in Shut Up is based on this scene.
  • Crossing Over was the result of two entirely different sketches meshed together: one with John Edward and one with the Heckler.
  • The original ending of Luisa & Jake 4EVA reveals that Luisa's displays of affection are fake and meant to draw attention away from the secret love affair she has with her pet cat.
  • Credits & Bloopers C08 was rendered and exported only ten minutes before the show began.

D Term 2008 - KILROY presents "KILROY in… "KILROY sketch comedy""

KILROY Sketch Comedy
KILROY presents "KILROY in…
"KILROY sketch comedy""
Show Number 24
Academic Term D Term 2008
Show Date April 26, 2008
Director Andrew Wilkins
Producer Ryan Keough
Assistant Director Jake Brown
Assistant Producer Matt Crocker
Stage Manager Cara Marcy
Property Master Aubrey Scarborough
Sketches 20 (15 filmed, 5 live)
New Cast Members Amanda Rinaldi
Eric Sutman

Laughtrack: America Runs on Comedy, the 2008 comedy festival, happened on April 25-26, 2008. KILROY's show during the festival was on Saturday the 26th.

D08 Sketch List

D08 Trivia

  • At the time of voting, the show had the lowest number of live sketches of any show in recent history: two.
  • This term marked the first time KILROY showed sketches in high definition: Bee Pie, Bee Pie / Intro, Laughter Kills, Reverse Meditation, Daka Suggestion Box, Alex's Desperation Dating Video, and Your Mom's a Sketch.
  • Deodorant Eater was a followup to C-term's Chapstick Eater. It was voted down at the beginning of the term, but it was suggested that Rick be cast and told to film it anyways. The "sketch" was filmed at the KILROY general meeting on April 1st, 2008.
  • Bee Pie / Intro was thought up during a dinner at DAKA.
  • Kissing Cousin Condoms was originally supposed to be in the B-term show, but disappeared from the playlist on show night.
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