Season 11

A Term 2010 - Kilroy! at the Disco

KILROY Sketch Comedy
Kilroy! at the Disco
Show Number 36
Academic Term A Term 2011
Show Date October 7, 2011
Director Ian Hawkes
Producer Hunter Putzke
Stage Manager Neil Pomerleau
Sketches 17
New Cast Members
John Amante Matt Rafferty
Andrew Paon Stephanie Lesage
Andrew Larsen David Scott
Joe Szafarowicz Madalyn Coryea

A11 Sketch List

  • Scare Tactics: An Ian G. Spectacular
  • Daniel
  • Stop Staring
  • I am the…
  • Bistro Dijou
  • Inception Parody 4
  • Ian G. Trilogy
  • Batman 2
  • Reverse Strip Show
  • Airplanes
  • Groundhog Sketch
  • The Wind in the Willows
  • The Hurricane
  • Batman 3
  • Spoiler
  • Sexting
  • Now That's What I Call Morbid 73

A11 Trivia

  • Freshman John Amante wrote between five and ten sketches for this show. The conflicting numbers come from the Batman series and the Ian G. Trilogy.
  • The Batman series wasn't written by anyone. Instead, the members at the filming found songs that Chris could play on ukelele and that Batman could interrupt.
  • Reverse Strip Show was filmed outside of a real strip club.
  • Several sketches were developed during the term after it was realized that the show needed to be longer.
  • However, several sketches were left uncomplete and were scrapped once the directors ran out of time.
  • There were only seven directors total, which includes alumni Andrew Wilkins.
  • The number of sketches could be considered as high as 22 if the Ian G. Trilogy is split into three distinct sketches and Scare Tactics is divided into the terrible ideas and the reactions.
  • No one entered a closet in this show.
  • There were several running gags throughout the show and numerous other callbacks to previous shows, particularly in Scare Tactics and the Ian G. Trilogy.

B-Term 2010 - Kilroy: 10 Years of Unprotected Sketch

KILROY Sketch Comedy
Kilroy: 10 Years of Unprotected Sketch
Show Number 37
Academic Term B Term 2011
Show Date December 9, 2011
Director Ethan Lawrence
Producer Katie Cabral
Sketches 15
New Cast Members Mason Andruskiewicz

B-Term 2011 Sketch List

  • Best Sketches of All Time (Show Runner)
  • Will it Finally Blend?
  • Daily Ritual
  • Party Pick-up
  • Dead Horse
  • Occupy
  • Old Timey Lifeguard
  • Where Is He?
  • Fathers
  • Socks
  • The Russian
  • Ghirardelli
  • The Double Stuffed Gambit
  • Boiling Oneself
  • Canada Drug Bust
  • Outro

B11 Trivia

  • The top Five Sketches of All time were revealed at this show. Those sketches were WPI and You, Dr. Corvik 4, If Men Had Boobs, Breaking Things, and Werecivil.
  • Andrew Wilkins was involved with four of the five Top Five Sketches.
  • The pre-show slides and the poster were made by Neil Pomerleau, who was in Venice at the time of the show.
  • Approximately 1/3 of the new sketches were written by alumni.
  • Approximately 72 hours before the show, Kilroy's editing computer broke due to a faulty RAM card.
  • Katie Cabral, the producer, was responsible for approximately one-third of the show length by time.

C Term 2011 - Kilroy LIVE*

KILROY Sketch Comedy
Kilroy LIVE*
Show Number 38
Academic Term C Term 2012
Show Date February 24, 2011
Director Neil Pomerleau
Producer Hunter Putzke
Sketches 20
New Cast Members Rachel Wigell

C11 Sketch List

  • Blood Lab
  • Medical Misconduct
  • Fresh Troll of Bel Air (Three Parts, Single Sketch)
  • Story Time
  • Attack Ad: Ian Hawkes
  • Ole Spicy
  • CSI: No Shame
  • Joe and Walter
  • The Ultra Vegan
  • Observations
  • Parenting
  • Acceptation
  • Attack Ad: John Amante
  • Parenting: Prequel
  • Weather Annie
  • Wilhelm
  • Attack Ad: Hunter Putzke
  • Ian G.'s Dream Come True Organization
  • CSI: No Shame 2
  • Projectile Vomiting

C11 Trivia

  • This show had the most expensive opening act ever, at approximately 15 dollars a second.
  • Lens and Lights was contracted to bring almost 300 dollars worth of equipment and labor for the opening, including a fog machine.
  • This show had a grand total of 6 directors, with one director making five sketches and two making four.
  • During the creation of the fake money used to promote the show, KILROY discovered that you can't print 20 dollar bills or anything that looks similar to said bills.
  • The pre-show slides were finished during the group dinner.
  • The show time was 7 PM, due to Improv Boston.

D Term 2011 - Please Keep Your Hands and Feet Inside the Show at All Times

KILROY Sketch Comedy
Show Number 39
Academic Term D Term 2012
Show Date May 28, 2012
Director John Amante
Producer Neil Pomerleau
Sketches 15
New Cast Members
Sarah Benyamin Maria Grandoni

D11 Sketch List

  • Digourno's
  • Harold
  • Kilroy Pun Comedy 1
  • Boss Man
  • Pandora Advertisements
  • Mediocre Meal Time
  • Kilroy Pun Comedy 2
  • Boss Puppet
  • Where is the Mail?
  • Send Us Your Resume
  • Kilroy Pun Comedy 3
  • Genie of the Lamp
  • Pimp My Ride
  • The 99% of Gotham
  • Spanish Soap Opera
  • Energy
  • Keys

D11 Trivia

  • Neil was the first person to run the show (be either producer or director) in back to back terms since Andrew Wilkins (D06, A07).
  • This show was shown at the very end of the comedy festival, "The Not-So-Magic Kingdom".
  • Kilroy Pun Comedy was divided into three sections, but is still counted as a single sketch.
  • This marked the fourth consecutive term where Hunter Putzke made the credits.
  • There were a grand total of four authors for this show. Two were alumni.
  • The longest sketch in this show was a grand total of six minutes long (Send Us Your Resume), but the second longest was less than three.
  • Several Kilroy Alumni and current members also performed in the comedy festival as both stand-up comedians and as other groups.
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