Season 10 (2010-2011)

A Term 2010 - One Shot, One Kilroy

KILROY Sketch Comedy
One Shot, One Kilroy
Show Number 33
Academic Term A Term 2010
Show Date October 8, 2010
Director Andrew Wilkins
Producer Jake Lee Brown
Stage Manager Elena
Sketches 19 (all filmed)
New Cast Members Poonam Barot
Taymon Beal
Jon Boeglin
Derrick Brown
Robert "Board Op Bob" Connick
Luke Goodman
Ben LaVerriere
Ransom Mowris
Hunter Putzke
Dan Robertson
Tori Spofford

A10 Sketch List

  • Truth or Dare
  • Intro
  • Awkward Police
  • Fire Lane
  • To The Moon 1
  • Generic Negative Campaign Ad
  • Trash Wizards
  • Star Wars Parody
  • Cheesy Fat Balls
  • To The Moon 2
  • Butter
  • Safety First
  • Mushroom
  • Crouton Salad
  • The Hall of Disorienting Camera Angles, or, The Cameraman Killer
  • Butter 2
  • To The Moon 3
  • Credits
  • Why are you still here?

In addition, the following fake trailers, advertisements, and public service announcements were filmed:

  • But I'm Not Gay!
  • Ass Pirates IV: Behind the Booty
  • Don't Let This Happen To You
  • Gamer 2
  • People Getting Shot At and Shit Blowing Up
  • Weekend at Bernie's 3

And finally, several sketches were filmed for the New Student Orientation show at the beginning of the term:

  • Sailor Moon Parody 2
  • Magic Closet
  • Mercy Free Zone Pilot
  • Sperm Fingers

A10 Trivia

  • The show itself was filmed as one long continuous shot. The trailers and other assorted "bonus material" was conceived as a way to spend our new amounts of free time that would otherwise have been taken up by filming throughout the term.
  • The show also set a record for shortest KILROY show, clocking in at just over 21 minutes. (The additional pre-show material bumps the time up to about half an hour.)
  • During "Ass Pirates IV", Matt Crocker promises that "Ass Pirates will be in this show". Notice how he's wearing the ass ears at the end of the credits? … Callback!

B-Term 2010 - The Day the Earth Kept Spinning

KILROY Sketch Comedy
The Day the Earth Kept Spinning
Show Number 34
Academic Term B Term 2010
Show Date December 11, 2010
Director Elena
Producer Neil Pomerleau
Sketches 16 (all filmed)
New Cast Members Chris Molica

B-Term 2010 Sketch List

  • Troll Physics Intro
  • An Ian G. Christmas Special
  • Hell Hath No…
  • Hazing at Hogwarts
  • We Can Rebuild Him
  • Parties 1: Anarchy Party
  • Tree Startling
  • Parties 2: Democracy Party
  • Carbonated Sandwich
  • Pokemon Parody
  • On the Importance of Good Spelling
  • Sailor Moon Parody 3: The Death of Sailor Moon
  • Upside-Down Book Throw
  • Magic Closet
  • Antimagic Closet
  • Raptor Dance

B10 Trivia

  • The title had been suggested for several previous shows before this one.
  • The show date was a Saturday because of Kevin Hart. Soccomm scheduled Kevin Hart for the last Friday of the term, forcing Kilroy to shift its show or go head-to-head with a professional comedian.

C Term 2011 - Comedy Research, Analysis, and Production

KILROY Sketch Comedy
Comedy Research, Analysis, and Production
Show Number 35
Academic Term C Term 2011
Show Date February 25, 2011
Director Ian Hawkes
Producer Michael Riggieri
Sketches 16 (all filmed)
New Cast Members

C11 Sketch List

  • Poop Joke (Includes Diagnosing Dickens, Antics in the Office, Bar Scene)
  • MultiGrain GardenFace
  • Inception Parody 1
  • Needs More Bass
  • No Shot, No Kilroy
  • Blind Man: The Dark Sight
  • Redneck Book Club
  • Coach Football
  • Sassquatch
  • Walking the Dawg
  • The Secret Life of the Wizarding Teenager
  • World of Subways
  • Castlevania
  • Trash Wizards 2: Trash to the Future
  • Inception Parody 3
  • Sausage Festival

C11 Trivia

  • Where's Inception Parody 2? It was appended on to Coach Football after it was realized that it made a great ending.
  • Castlevania was a super secret sketch.
  • There is a bonus sketch after the credits. It is inspired by the Magic Closet series, but is considered non-canon.

D Term 2011 - Ian G. Funhouse and Moonpocalypse: Revenge!

KILROY Sketch Comedy
Comedy Research, Analysis, and Production
Show Number 36
Academic Term D Term 2011
Show Date April 29, 2011
Director Derrick Brown
Producer Bob Connick
Sketches 10(all filmed)
New Cast Members Irma Vlasac
Katie Hodges
Ethan Lawrence

D11 Sketch List

  • Ian G's Funhouse (Note: The show runner had multiple segments, but are considered part of the same sketch/show runner. A list is numbered in order of appearance.)
  1. Intro
  2. Secret Word
  3. Neighborhood
  4. Doro
  5. Sweet Uncle Bob
  6. Letter of the Day
  7. Hugs & Beats
  8. Outro
  • Mathfenders
  • The Stranger
  • Dora Goes to College
  • Race to Which Mountain?
  • Reading Time
  • Carmen Sandiego
  • Moonpocalypse: REVENGE
  • Kissing (Commercial Break in Moonpocalypse)
  • Breakfast (Commercial Break in Moonpocalypse)

D11 Trivia

  • The double feature idea came out of deadlock on a themed show. A parody children's show and a science fiction theme were chosen, but Kilroy was split over which to use.
  • Moonpocalypse: Revenge is one of the longest projects Kilroy has filmed. However, there is debate as to if it is a sketch.
  • Mathfenders was filmed entirely inside the SCP office and took more than 6 hours to fully render.
  • Moonpocalypse: Revenge took more than 24 hours to render. As the SCP computer was needed, it was broken into parts to speed up the rendering.
  • This was the first fully themed show, where the sketches were written specifically for the themes.
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