Ryan Kennedy

Acting Credits

  • Reporter in Fridge 2016, A16
  • Student in Exam Man, A16
  • Matt in Body Image, B16
  • Jesus in Have You Found Him?, C17
  • Jesus in Christ on a Bike, C17
  • Jesus in Jesus Take the Wheel 4, C17
  • Camera person in Don't Make a Scene, D17
  • Scientist in First Contact, D17
  • Subject 4 in Soap Pepper, D17
  • Person 1 in Recyclemaniac, D17
  • Extra in Beer Pong, A17
  • Infomercial Person in Paper Towel T-shirt, A17
  • Announcer in When2When2Meet, A17
  • Matt the Radar Tech in Chain of Command, A17
  • Bob in Memory Foam, A17
  • Evil Person in Helm's Deeply Held Grudges, A17

Writing Credits

  • Too Late, C17
  • Genie, D17
  • Recyclemaniac, D17
  • When2When2Meet, A17
  • Fast Food, A17

Directing Credits

  • Genie, D17
  • Craving Death, D17
  • Don't Make a Scene, D17
  • When2When2Meet, A17
  • Tonight on ESCPN, A17
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