Robert Harrison

Show Credits

  • Producer, C17

Acting Credits

  • Scientist in Scientific Quandary, A16
  • Professor in Exam Man, A16
  • Not a Prostitute in Call For a Good Time 5, A16
  • Tom Hasenfeld in Death Star Board Room, B16
  • Jim in Cat Mafia, B16
  • Guard in Swiff Team, B16
  • Tom Hasenfeld in Gluten Free Boxes, B16
  • Tom Hasenfeld in Swirl Lab, B16
  • Robert in It's Always Windy in Worcester, C17
  • Man in Toilet Opera, C17
  • Xylernicus in Chosen One, D17
  • Extra in Beer Pong, A17
  • John Gurney in B.O.O.M.E.R.A.N.G., A17
  • Party Goer in Tonight on ESCPN, A17
  • Bob in Fast Food, A17
  • Daryl in The Beast, C18
  • Daryl in The Proposal, C18
  • Daryl in Dads Club, C18
  • Daryl in Larvae, C18
  • Daryl in Prank War, C18

Writing Credits

  • Body Image, B16
  • Shaken Not Stirred, D17
  • Taken, D17
  • Blown, D17
  • Paper Towel T-shirt, A17
  • Watercooler Dude, C18
  • Dad's Club, C18

Directing Credits

  • Pickup Truck, B16
  • Walrus, B16
  • Body Image, B16
  • Fun Pranks, C17
  • Jesus Take the Wheel, C17
  • Blind Date, C17
  • Champoo, C17
  • Thousandaire, D17
  • Hundredaire, D17
  • Dozenaire, D17
  • Beer Pong, A17
  • Paper Towel T-shirt, A17
  • Dads Club, C18
  • How It's Made, C18


  • He is just a stand up human.
  • "I'm also a sit down human"
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