Acting Credits

  • Sally in AIDS, A15
  • Parent in Santa is Watching You, B15
  • Friend 2 in // Full of Shit, B15
  • Girl 1 in //Ball is Lyfe, B15
  • Girl 1 in Courtship, B15
  • Sarah in Leftovers, C16
  • Sarah in Universal, C16
  • Rey in Donate Your Car Today, C16
  • Bambi Knockers in Topless News, C16
  • Lisa in What an Asshole, C16
  • Girl in H1VW1, D16
  • Bambi in Stuffed, D16
  • Mom in Cat Mafia, B16
  • Mother in Kiss it Better, C17
  • Lexi in A Killer Party, D17
  • Senior in Seniors, A17
  • Stacy in Star-Crossed Lovers, A17
  • Extra in Friendship in Jeopardy, B17
  • Adam in Mythbusters, C18
  • Contestant 2 in Wine Wars, C18

Directing Credits

  • Pizza Delivery Boy, B17


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