Matt Rafferty

Acting Credits

  • That Guy with the Hat in Observations, C12
  • DEA Agent in Send Us Your Resume, D12
  • Bowling Ball in Rec Center, A12
  • Officer McMann in Cops: WPI Edition, B12
  • Puritan 5 in Trial By Sound, B12
  • Male Cadet in Closet Space, B12
  • Rick in Stronger Friend, D13
  • Dead Body in Murder Selfie, A14
  • Daddy Flumpz in Trailer 1, C15
  • Green Screen Ghost in Green Screen Ghost Trilogy, D15
  • Hagrid in Michael Potter, A15
  • Dad in Santa's Little Helpers, B15
  • Audience Member in Cafe Metal, C16

Writing Credits

  • Editor, Bistro Dijou, A11
  • Green Screen Ghost Trilogy, D15

Directing Credits

  • Join Us, A14
  • PSA Woo Is Sketchy, A15


  • Has the lowest ranking on the Kilroy internal site idea board, and is proud of it
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