Rachel Plante

Acting Credits

  • Girl in Sleep, A14
  • Cindy in Brick Gun, A14
  • Susie in Genie Strikes Back, B14
  • Girl 3 in Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, no Good, Very Bad Pickup Lines, B14
  • Kit Hamblast in Trailer 1, C15
  • Intern in Anchoring the News, C15
  • Gerald in Jager 3, C15
  • Gerald in So Let's Go! Whaling!, C15
  • Janice in The Handshake, D15
  • Singer in Nuclear Wonderland, A15
  • Mother in Family Time, B15
  • Grandma in You Owe Me One, B15
  • Annie in Anywhere within a Mile, C16
  • Julie in Big Credits Big Secret, C16
  • Boy 2 in The T Charger, D16
  • Grandma in National Secret, D16
  • Racist Grandma in Life Coach, A16
  • Emily in Pickup Truck, B16
  • Alice in Dump Truck, C17
  • Waiter in Shaken Not Stirred, D17
  • Passerby in Dude, Love Your Costume, B17

Directing Credits

  • PSA Woos is Sketchy, A15
  • Full of Shit, B15
  • Poo(h), B15


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