Producer Guidelines

As Producer, you are responsible for ensuring that the show occurs.

  • Secure a venue for the show as early as possible. Work with the Director to find the best venue, but realize that they have the final call as to the location.
      • Reserve technology for the venue as applicable. (If you're in Alden, you'll need a projector from the ATC and lighting / sound from Lens and Lights. If you're in Kinnicutt, you need neither. If you're in the LT, you need neither, but you have to set it all up.)
      • If you need a set, get a budget from the treasurer and find someone to be your Master Carpenter.
  • Reserve rooms for meetings. A consistent location is a plus, but you get what you get.
  • Run general meetings.
  • Appoint various positions for various tasks as needed. Example, "Public Relations" to be in charge of publicity.
  • Put filming times on the Google Calendar. This lets people remember when filming is.
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