Patrick Trant

Acting Credits

  • BINGO Caller in Join Us, A14
  • Delegate 3 in Returntion, C15
  • Scott in For Just a Dollar a Day, C15
  • Ryan in Febreeze, C15
  • Ryan in What do (color) Blind People Do for Fun?, C15
  • Ben in Jager 3, C15
  • Ben in So Let's Go! Whaling!, C15
  • Police in Green Screen Ghost, D15
  • Noah in Racist Starbucks, A15
  • Jack in Is it Whiskey?, A15
  • Pledge Mom in Is It Whiskey?, A15
  • Yoda in Family Feud: Star Wars Edition, B15
  • Steve in Axe Murderer, C16
  • Johnny in Spirit Animal, D16
  • Cop 2 in Champoo, C17
  • Person 1 in Christ on a Bike, C17
  • Boss in One Thing, C17
  • EdgySasuke12 in [WR] Date Night 100% NO GLITCHES, D17
  • Joe in First Contact, D17
  • Genie in Genie, D17
  • Tess in Blown, D17
  • Businessman in BOOMERANG, A17
  • Student in Lavatory, A17
  • Extra in Let's Make a Band, A17
  • Steve in High on Life, B17

Director Credits

  • A Grand Adventure, A17
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