Christopher Molica

Acting Credits

  • Lonnie in Parties 2, B10
  • God in Hell Hath No…, B10
  • Doctor Snooperwapper in We Can Rebuild Him, B10
  • Paul in Redneck Book Club, C11
  • Ukelele Player in I am the…, A11
  • Old Lady in Canada Drug Bust, B11
  • Guilt in Double Stuffed Gambit, B11
  • Boy Band 1 in Occupy, B11
  • Suspect in Where is He?, B11
  • Narrator 2 in Attack Ad: Hunter, C12
  • Joe in Joe and Walter, C12
  • Wilhelm in Wilhelm, C12

Writing Credits

  • Joe and Walter, C12


  • The songs sung in I am the… were chosen because Chris knew how to play them and the other people could somewhat sing them.
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