Mike Inserra

Acting Credits

  • Extra in Pulp Friction, C14
  • Bill in Pulp Friction, C14
  • Billy in McHurry, D14
  • Guy in 525600 Bears, D14
  • Extra 2 in Intro, A14
  • Narrator in House Gift, B14
  • Waiter in Chef, B14
  • Timothy in Cat court, B14
  • Rod Hardblow in Trailer 1, C15
  • Remmingfield in Returntion, C15
  • Child in Monkey, C15
  • Son in Improved Son, C15
  • Coach in Soccer Match, C15
  • Jack in Realistic Action, C15
  • Jack in Secret Room, C15
  • Receptionist in Freemium, C15
  • Dick in A Matter of Size, D15
  • Don in The Bed is for Magic, D15
  • Professor in Fun Gov'na, D15
  • Narrator in Blood Letter, A15
  • Tim in Potato, A15
  • Dr. Watson in Colemen Stacy Origins, A15
  • Mugger in PSA Woo is Sketchy, A15
  • Hector in Just One, B15
  • Elf 2 in Santa's Little Helpers, B15
  • Joe in Poo(h), B15
  • Tom in Time Travel Microwave, B15
  • SNAP in Anywhere within a Mile, C16
  • Master Chemist in Medicinal Meth, C16
  • Greg in Surprise!, D16
  • VIP in Cavity Search, A16
  • Stephen in Body Image, B16
  • Nate in Church of Bro Jesus, B16
  • Darrel Voice in Suspicious Cow, B16
  • Elderly in tech-life support, C17
  • Narrator in Entitled to Compensation, C17
  • Extra in Andrew Jackson: The Video Game, C17
  • Bob in Craving Death, D17
  • Bill in Genius, D17
  • Person 2 in Recyclemaniac, D17

Directing Credits

  • Tony's Cronies, A15


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