Matt Szpunar

Acting Credits

  • Man in Chef, B14
  • Faust in Devil, B14
  • Narrator in Noises, B14
  • Professor in Pharmacology Exam, C15
  • Rapper 2 in The Struggle, B15
  • Santa in Santa's Little Helpers, B15
  • Santa in Santa is Watching You, B15
  • Liam in Cafe Metal, C16
  • Dirk in What an Asshole, C16
  • Crazy Nathaniel in Crazy Nathaniel's Porn Emporium, D16
  • Tim in Stuffed, D16
  • Sketchy Guy in Call For a Good Time 1, A16
  • Coach in Life Coach, A16
  • Steve in Enter the Hidden Fearless Dragon 5: The Search for Enter the Hidden Fearless Dragon 4: Revenge of Kung Fu Island, B16
  • Snailien in Snailien, B16
  • Contraband Stackers in Swiff Team, B16
  • Boris in The Boris & Dmitry Show 1, C17
  • Boris in The Boris & Dmitry Show 2, C17
  • Boris in The Boris & Dmitry Show 3, C17
  • Scientist 1 in Soap Pepper, D17
  • Recyclemaniac in Recyclemaniac, D17
  • Satan in Billy Mays, D17
  • Frank in Don't Make a Scene, D17
  • Satanist in The Most Feared Curse of All, A17
  • Narrator in A Grand Adventure, A17
  • Bob Johnson in The Haunting, A17
  • Rando in Have You Considered Not Doing That?, B17
  • Villain in Evilly Cleaning, B17
  • Kyle in Crocodile Kyle, C18
  • Kyle in Directorial Vision, C18
  • Extra in Watercooler Dude, C18


  • "Can still see everyone's ears"
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