Matt Jackman

Acting Credits

  • Guy 1 in Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, no Good, Very Bad Pickup Lines, B14
  • Dick Backhammer in Trailer 1, C15
  • Sad Freshman in For Just a Dollar Day, C15
  • Dead Body in Febreeze, C15
  • Officer 1 in Monkey, C15
  • Fun Gov'na in //Fun Gov'na, D15
  • Brunk Grungsen in Burn Victims, A15
  • Latin King Member in Latin Kings, A15
  • Cop 2 in Ban*d Camp, A15
  • Hulk in Ball is Lyfe, B15
  • Hulk in Courtship, B15
  • Brunk Grungsen in Coleman Stacey: The End of the End, C16
  • Greg in Nightmare Scenario, C16
  • Extra in Welcome to Upper Fuller, D16
  • Chandler in Clubbing, D16
  • Snailien in Snailien, B16
  • SWAT Team in Swiff Team, B16
  • Parent 1 in We Didn't Raise a Quitter, B16
  • Boss in The Care and Keeping of Your Millennial, C17
  • Cop 1 in Champoo, C17
  • Supervisor in First Contact, D17
  • Billy Mays in Billy Mays, D17
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