Ethan Lawrence

Show Credits

  • Director, B11

Acting Credits

  • Dad in Breakfast, D11
  • General John Schlesinger in Moonpocalypse: REVENGE!, D11
  • Rick in Groundhog Sketch (Or the Squid Has No Money), A11
  • Dad in Spoilers, A11
  • Reggie in Canada Drug Bust, B11
  • Frank in Old Timey Lifeguard, B11
  • Boy in Party Pick-up, B11
  • Big Guy in The Russian, B11
  • Kid 3 in Ian G.'s Dream Come True Organization, C12
  • Surgeon in Medical Misconduct, C12
  • Harold in Parenting, C12
  • Harold in Parenting: Prequel, C12
  • Billy in Projectile Vomiting, C12
  • Head Writer in Kilroy Pun Comedy, D12
  • Funeral Spectator in Pandora Advertisements, D12
  • Frank in Pimp My Ride, D12
  • Mail Fred in Send Us Your Resume, D12
  • Scientist 1 in ENERGY, D12
  • Waiter in Death By Chocolate, A12
  • Robert Sullivan in Rec Center, A12
  • Garth in Ninjtro, B12
  • Guy in Resource, D13

Directing Credits

  • Socks, B11
  • Where is He?, B11
  • Acceptation, C12
  • Mediocre Meal Time, D12

Writing Credits

  • Kilroy Pun Comedy, D12
  • Mediocre Meal Time, D12
  • Otto Korect, A12


  • Ethan has played characters married to and the father of Katie Cabral.
  • In B11, Ethan played a boy trying to pick up a Tori Spofford at a party. The next term, she played his wife, who was pregnant.

Recurring Characters

  • The Father/Harold
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