Andrew "Andy" Larsen

Show Credits

  • Producer, A13

Acting Credits

  • Fred in Dead Horse, B11
  • Frank in CSI: No Shame, C12
  • Frank in CSI: No Shame, C12
  • Greg in The Ultra Vegan, C12
  • Gaffy in Weather Annie, C12
  • Chef in Mediocre Meal Time, D12
  • Mail Henchman in Send Us Your Resume, D12
  • Manager in Gary For President, A12
  • Jim in Otto Korect, A12
  • Pick Up Line Guy in We Came, We Saw, We Apologized, B12
  • Temp Brian in Liquid Warm, B12
  • Allen Springfield in House Hunters, B12
  • Driver in Jesus Take The Wheel Trilogy, C13
  • Roger in Sentimental Value, C13
  • Doctor in Shittles, C13
  • Doctor in Blood Test, D13
  • Swagger 1 in Swag Wagon Part 1, D13
  • Joseph in Dramatic, D13
  • Brother Kyle in Rho Omicron Omicron, A13
  • Paul in Kilroy Pun Comedy- Milk's Gone Bad, A13
  • Steve in The Balls Sketch, B13
  • Frank in Pulp Friction, C14
  • Man in Pulp Friction, C14
  • Producer in Adult Bops, D14
  • Roommate in Cereal Killer, D14
  • Captain in Space Ride, D14
  • Monster in Sleep, A14
  • Gather in Lamp, A14
  • Bank Teller in Bank of Fucks, B14
  • Mr. Rodger in Mr. Rodger's Hood, B14
  • Anchorman in Anchoring the News, C15
  • Narrator in Michael Potter, A15
  • Buddy in Colemen Stacy Origins, A15
  • Scientist in Full of Shit, B15
  • Uncle Jake in You Owe Me One, B15

Writing Credits

  • Jesus Take The Wheel Trilogy, C13
  • Kilroy Pun Comedy-Codehead, A13
  • Family Feud: Star Wars Edition, B15

Director Credits

  • Boss Man, D12
  • The Sperm Bank, A12
  • The Collector, B12
  • Closet Space, B12
  • Jesus Take The Wheel Trilogy, C13
  • The Drop, C13
  • The Cause, D13
  • Dramatic, D13
  • Kilroy Pun Comedy-Codehead, A13
  • Kilroy Pun Comedy- Dance Off, A13
  • No Church, A13
  • Music Video, B13
  • Szafarowicz, B13
  • Pizza, C14
  • Fast and the Furious 7, C14
  • Fast and the Furious 8, C14
  • Fast and the Furious 9, C14
  • Third Gear, D14
  • The More You Know, A14
  • Modern MacBeth, A14
  • Sleeveless Bros Walking in the Rain, A14
  • Water Bottle, A14
  • Brofessor, B14
  • Ronald Raygun, B14
  • Monkey, C15
  • Nothing in Life is Freemium, C15
  • A Thousand Miles, A15
  • Racist Starbucks, A15
  • Family Feud: Star Wars Edition, B15


  • Andrew joined Kilroy during A-term, but all of the sketches he was cast in originally ended up being cancelled.
  • Andy's first and last sketches during his time as an undergraduate in Kilroy were cut from their respective shows.

Recurring Characters

  • The Straight Man to John's wackiness.
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