Kyra Bresnahan

Acting Credits

  • Tom in Shaken Not Stirred, D17
  • Person 3 in Recyclemaniac, D17
  • Coffee Table in Zeus, D17
  • Extra in Beer Pong, A17
  • Partner 2 in Citizen's Might, A17
  • Woman in Tonight on ESCPN, A17
  • Woman in The Haunting, A17
  • Writer 1 in Relatable Content, A17
  • Freshman in Seniors, A17
  • Elf Advisor in Helm's Deeply Held Grudges, A17
  • Grace in Advanced Bitch, B17
  • Friend in Have You Considered Not Doing That?, B17
  • Writer 2 in The Writing Room, B17

Writing Credits

  • B.O.O.M.E.R.A.N.G., A17
  • Christmas Stalkings, B17

Directing Credits

  • B.O.O.M.E.R.A.N.G., A17
  • Friendship in Jeopardy, B17
  • Christmas Stalkings, B17
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