Tyler Koloski

Acting Credits

  • Enrico in Butter, A10
  • Doctor in Safety First, A10
  • Enrico in Butter 2, A10
  • Contestant in Hell Hath No…, B10
  • Gentleman in The Importance of Good Spelling, B10
  • Student in Hazing at Hogwarts, B10
  • A Priest in Poop Joke, C11
  • Voiceover 2 in MultiGrain GardenFace, C11
  • John in Redneck Book Club, C11
  • Shush in Blind Man 2: The Dark Sight, C11
  • Nerdy Student 3 in Coach Football, C11
  • Ignoramus in Mathfenders, D11
  • Nav. Officer Ted in Moonpocalypse: REVENGE!, D11
  • Government Worker in Moonpocalypse: REVENGE!, D11
  • Duncan in Reverse Strip Show, A11
  • Singer in I am the…, A11
  • Jim in Boiling Oneself, B11
  • Gyil in Canada Drug Bust, B11
  • Cowell Jr. in Fathers, B11
  • Allan in Old Timey Lifeguard, B11
  • Student 1 in The Russian, B11
  • Boom Operator in Weather Annie, C12
  • Jeff in Crackerjack, A12
  • Kid in Strangers, A12
  • Little Billy in No Knees, B12
  • Partygoer 2 in The Robot, B12
  • Outside Guy in Hall Sports, C13
  • Society Drummer in Who Killed SmithsWorth, C13

Writing Credits

  • The Hall of Disorienting Camera Angles, Or, The Cameraman Killer, A10
  • Dora Goes to College, D11

Recurring Characters

  • Enrico
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