KILROY sketch comedy

KILROY sketch comedy is a child organization of Student Comedy Productions, a Class III organization at WPI. KILROY writes, directs, and performs a show of original sketch comedy material every term.

Shows were often a mix of both live and filmed sketch performances, varying greatly in length. The content of each show is written prior to the beginning of the term by the members. Shortly after the beginning of the term, the members vote on their favorite sketches and ideas, and the ideas are fleshed out at the group's writing meetings. The director of the term may choose to have an overarching theme or establish transitions between sketches.

In the past two years, KILROY has switched to a purely filmed group. It was determined that filming all of the sketches would create a higher-quality show. Additionally, it allowed KILROY to differentiate itself more from the other two groups in SCP, Guerilla Improv and Empty Set.

The requirements for membership are extremely open. Anyone can join and become an active member by attending the first meeting of a term and attending a "reasonable" number of meetings or maintain an interest in remaining an active member. Anyone who joins partway through the term is considered a member for all purposes except for voting. After two consecutive terms a member becomes eligible for a KILROY bowling shirt to be received "whenever the officers get around to it (usually C-term)".

Currently, KILROY has general meetings Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:00pm somewhere in the Campus Center. Both are open to any new members who might be interested in joining.

WPI's first sketch comedy group, KILROY Sketch Comedy was formed A-Term of 2001 by Chad Pytel and Calvin Swaim, along with Willie Conrad and Ben Sandofsky. Supported by Masque and WPI Improv Comedy, the group quickly expanded to approximately 16 members, and the rest is comedy history.

KILROY constitution
Member Guidelines (Code of Conduct)

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