Julien Van Wambeke-Long

Acting Credits

  • McSnide in Pimp My Ride, D12
  • McSnide in Tech Support NAAAH, A12
  • McSnide in Paint, B12
  • McSnide in McSlightly Blue, B12
  • McSnide in McDriving Test, B12
  • McSnide in Trial By Sound, B12
  • Alex Sunde-Brown in Explain, C13
  • Bed-mate 2 in Hall Sports, C13
  • Prisoner in The Drop, C13
  • Hipster 1 in Ultra-Hipster, C13
  • Other Vampire in Vampires, C13
  • Detective in Who Killed SmithsWorth, C13
  • McSnide in Calicuk's New Soda, D13
  • McSnide in McMcChicken, or is it?, D13
  • McSnide in Bees, D13
  • Guy 1 in Kilroy Pun Comedy- Paper Waist, A13
  • McSnide in Pulp Friction, C14
  • Alex Sunde-Brown in // Explosource// C14
  • McSnide in McHurry, D14
  • McSnide in McRush, D14
  • McSnide in McOne-Last-Time, D14
  • McSnide in It Ends Tonight, D14
  • Percy Fawcett in It Ends Tonight, D14

Recurring Character

  • McSnide
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