Jon Berry

Acting Credits

  • Mason in Burn Victims, A15
  • Chad in Loud Talking, A15
  • Gus in You Owe Me One, B15
  • Robot 2 in Time Travel Microwave, B15
  • John in Take One for the Road, C16
  • Announcer in Big Credit, C16
  • Sandwich Lover in Hero, D16
  • John in Fridge 2016, A16
  • Greg in A Weekend Affair, A16
  • Bob in Cat Mafia, B16
  • Snailien in Snailiens, B16
  • Man in Have You Found Him?, C17
  • Dave in Entitled to Compensation, C17
  • Server in [WR] Date Night 100% NO GLITCHES, D17
  • Mortal in Niptune, B17
  • Water Fountain Guy in Water Fountain Guy, C18

Directing Credits

  • Intern, B16
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