Izzie Schiavone

Show Credits

  • Producer A15
  • Director D16
  • Director A16

Acting Credits

  • Girl in Frenchmen, A13
  • Girl in Pulp Friction, C14
  • Kid in Pulp Friction, C14
  • Stephanie in Pulp Friction, C14
  • Children 1 in Adult Bops, D14
  • Extra 5 in Intro, A14
  • Estevan in Brick Gun, A14
  • Mitch in Overdose on Life, B14
  • Person in WB University, C15
  • Dead Body 2 in Febreeze, C15
  • Military Officer in Colemen Stacy Origins, A15
  • Steve in Loud Talking/, A15
  • Izzie in Intro, A15
  • Friend 1 in White Girls: An Intervention, B15
  • Announcer (VO) in Big Credits Big Secret, C16
  • Cindy's Mom in Nightmare Scenario, C16
  • Cameraman in Topless News, C16
  • Jess in Welcome to Upper Fuller, D16
  • Extra in One, D16
  • Additional Scientist in Scientific Quandary, A16
  • Reporter 1 in Swiff Team, B16
  • Parent 2 in We Didn't Raise a Quitter, B16
  • Lady McBoult Voice in William Shakespeare Presents: A Badger on Ice, B16
  • Extra in The Care and Keeping of Your Millennial, C17
  • Jenkinson in Entitled to Compensation, C17
  • Izzie in A Lame Sketch, C17
  • Diane in One Thing, C17
  • Speaker in USA!, D17
  • Accomplice in Yule Log, D17
  • Flower Pot in Zeus, D17

Directing Credits

  • Utterly Useless, A13/B13
  • You Can't Just Ask People Why They're White, A14
  • Cat Court, B14
  • I Go Hard, C15
  • Blood Letter, A15
  • AIDS, A15
  • Anywhere within a Mile, C16
  • Universal, C16
  • The T Charger, D16
  • Clubbing, D16
  • Hot Spicy Romance, D16
  • Hero, D16
  • Welcome to College, A16
  • Space Gentrification, A16
  • We Neither Need Nor Deserve, A16
  • Space Hipsters, A16

Writing Credits

  • The Handshake, D15
  • Anywhere Within a Mile, C16
  • Universal, C16
  • Topless News, C16
  • Crazy Nathaniel's Porn Emporium, D16
  • The Care and Keeping of Your Millennial, C17


  • Izzie's directorial debut came a term after they finished directing their first sketch, it wasn't played in the originally planned term due to a file management mistake
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