Hasson Harris

Acting Credits

  • Narrator in Gold Miner, A14
  • Ren in Toilet Lobster, A14
  • Guy in You Can't Just Ask People Why They're White, A14
  • Angel 1 in Wings Over Heaven, B14
  • Man in [MT] Enter the Hidden Fearless Dragon 3 Return from Kung Fu Island, C15
  • Narrator in WB University, C15
  • Ref in Soccer Match, C15
  • Villainous Ref in Realistic Action, C15
  • Host in Family Feud: Star Wars Edition, B15
  • Audience Member in Cafe Metal, C16
  • Captain 2 in One, D16
  • Boy in Hot Spicy Romance, D16
  • Buff Soldier Guy in World War D, D16
  • Professor in Our Brightest Student, A16
  • Prostitute in Call for a Good Time 5, A16
  • Tim the Bullhorn Guy in Driver Alert, B16
  • Earl of Caliban in William Shakespeare Presents: A Badger on Ice, B16
  • Doctor in Kiss it Better, C17
  • Truck in Dump Truck, C17
  • Ann in Craving Death, D17

Writing Credits

  • AFN, D15
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