Erika Kollitz

Show Credits

  • Director, D14

Acting Credits

  • Sir Jill in And Then There Were Several, A12
  • Stacy in Bubbleposion, A12
  • Miss Jackson in Crackerjack, A12
  • Testimonial 2 in Liquid Warm, B12
  • Tess in The Curse, B12
  • Tess in Trial By Sound, B12
  • Female Cadet in Closet Space, B12
  • Testimonial 2 in Dark Arts, C13
  • Miss Baker in Who Killed SmithsWorth, C13
  • Swagger 3 in Swag Wagon Part 1, D13
  • Debra in McMcChicken, or is it?, D13
  • Women in Screamin Fire, D13
  • Beth in Weebles Wubble, D13
  • Beth in Stronger Friend, D13
  • Person 2 in Resource, D13
  • Frenchmen in Frenchmen, A13
  • Girl in No Church, A13
  • Grandma in Broccoli Joke, B13
  • Claire in Popcorn up the Wazoo, B13
  • Martha in Safe Outlets, B13
  • Abigial in Pulp Friction, C14
  • Wife in Pulp Friction, C14
  • Extra 2.2 in Pulp Friction, C14
  • Girl in Pulp Friction, C14
  • Jeanne in Pulp Friction, C14
  • Melinda in Pulp Friction, C14
  • Mr. Jazzberry Jam in Pulp Friction, C14
  • Becky in Space Ride, D14
  • Woman in Or Did They? , D14
  • Erika in It Ends Tonight, D14
  • Girl in Calvin Coolidge, A14
  • Trinity in Genie Strikes Back, B14
  • Popcorn Girl in Trailer 1, C15
  • Germany in World Politics, C15
  • Heather in Latin Kings, A15
  • Katie in Bathroom, A15
  • Guard 2 in Area 52, B15

Directing Credits

  • No Knees, B12
  • Undress, B13
  • Bubbly Dan, C14
  • Great Gatsby 2, C14
  • Man Council, D14
  • Singing, D14
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