Director's Checklist for Filmed Sketches

The following is a rough guideline of what you should be prepared with in order to have a successful filming.

Before Filming: Checklist

  1. Have you read the script?
  2. Do you have a storyboard of the script? (Storyboards aren't always required by the head director, but having an idea of how you want to film things is a great way to speed up the filming process, as well as make even better sketches.)
  3. When are you filming? (Use when2meet. Trust us, it's super easy to use and extremely helpful.)
  4. What costumes do you need?
  5. Where are you filming?
  6. Can you get into the office to pick up the camera and boom mic?
  7. Does everyone remember when you are filming? Can everyone make it?
  8. Do you have potential backup actors? Backup locations?
  9. Is the camera charged?

At Filming: Checklist

  1. Did you whitebalance the camera?
  2. Is the boom mic hooked up properly? The proper settings are as follows: xlr input on (accessed in the menu), cable to port one, aux power one switch ON. Check to make sure it is working with the headphones in the camera case.
  3. While filming, get multiple takes. Two is usually enough, but some directors like to get at least 3, potentially 4 if there's enough time.
  4. Also, watch out for continuity. Make sure your actors stay where they are supposed to.
  5. Is the boom mic in shot? This is very common, so be careful.

After Filming: Checklist

  1. Did you put everything back where it belongs? This includes both the filming location and the SCP office.
  2. Did you switch aux power one OFF?
  3. Is the camera turned off?
  4. Does the battery need to be charged? If so, is it immediately obvious that the camera does not have the battery? It's recommended that you put the charging battery on top of the camera case.
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