Dennis Bergsman

Acting Credits

  • Nuck in Trial by Combat, A16
  • Tyler the Hipster in Space Hipsters, A16
  • Truck in Pickup Truck, B16
  • Mobster in Cat Mafia, B16
  • Snailien in Snailiens, B16
  • Barista in Autocorrect Barista, B16
  • Satan in Fun Pranks, C17
  • Lieutenant Spike Steelsack in Champoo, C17
  • Bartender in Thousandaire, D17
  • Bartender in Dozenaire, D17

Writing Credits

  • Church of Bro Jesus, B16
  • I Know a Guy, B16
  • Lampman, B16
  • Snailien, B16
  • A Killer Party, D17
  • Billy Mays, D17
  • USA!, D17
  • Chosen One, D17
  • Thousandaire, D17
  • Hundredaire, D17
  • Dozenaire, D17

Directing Credits

  • Have You Found Him?
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