Kilroy Sketch Comedy Constitution

a child organization of WPI Student Comedy Productions

1. Name
Kilroy Sketch Comedy (Herein referred to alternately as simply Kilroy)

2. Purpose
The purpose of Kilroy is to provide a source of entertainment and comedy to the WPI community, and to provide an outlet for creativity and growth for its members.

3. Membership
1. Eligibility Kilroy is open to all undergraduate and graduate members of the WPI community. Alumni of Kilroy may not be considered active members of the group, but may write and contribute scripts to be eligible for being produced.

2. Discrimination
Kilroy will not discriminate of the basis of race, creed, religion, color, age, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, marital status or national origin.

3. Membership Admission Procedures and Requirements
1. To gain and retain active membership, members must contribute artistically to the group at a level that meets the standards of the discretion of the Director and Producer. They must be accountable for commitments, such as attending rehearsals and filmings for sketches they are cast in.

2. At the beginning of the term, the Producer and Director must jointly decide the required standards of behavior for active members, including what rules members must follow and the punishments for infringing them. These standards must be announced to the group during the first week of the term, and reiterated in an email to the group.

3. If a member joins after the first week of the term, they may participate but will not be considered an active member until the following term.

4. All old members of Kilroy have the freedom to renew membership at any time.

4. Membership Removal Procedures and Requirements
1. A member of Kilroy may be removed by bringing the motion to a general meeting for discussion, following which the decision will be made at the discretion of the Producer and Director.
2. All members of Kilroy have the freedom to discontinue membership at any time.

5. Hazing
Kilroy will ensure that its membership will not practice any physically or psychologically abusive hazing behaviors either intentionally or unintentionally.

4. Officers, Duties and Requirements
1. SCP Representative
The SCP Representative's role is defined in the SCP Constitution, IV, Section B, Paragraph 4. This is repeated here:
The SCP Representative is responsible for ultimate discretion over the governmental and constitutional issues of its group. The SCP Representative will represent this group during SCP meetings and votes, and will lobby for the best interests of SCP, while balancing the best interests of its group. The SCP Representative is in charge of enforcing the constitutions of SCP and of its group, and is responsible for making sure the officers of its group abide by the constitution. The SCP Representative interfaces with outside entities and serves as a face for the group in negotiations of the financial and governmental aspects of the group. The SCP Representative's highest allegiance is to SCP. The SCP Representative's term of office is for one year.

2. Director
The director is responsible for ultimate artistic discretion over Kilroy's sketch comedy show that term, and any other project which is not headed by a special Director (see Section E). The Director should be able to take over and direct any sketch in this show, or appoint someone to do so. The Director is also responsible for organizing and appointing leaders to run various workshops, as well as running or appointing someone to run the writing group. The Director interfaces with outside entities and serves as a face for the group in negotiations of the artistic direction of the group.
The Director's term of office is for one academic term.

3. Producer
The Producer is responsible for organizing and running the general meetings of Kilroy. The Producer is also responsible for scheduling and booking rooms for general meetings, rehearsals, performances, workshops, writing group meetings, and any other event that requires this service. When mass communications need to be made to the group or parts of it, the Producer is responsible for writing and sending these. The Producer interfaces with outside entities and serves as a face for the group in negotiations of the business aspects of the group.
The Producer's term of office is for one academic term.

4. Webmaster
The Webmaster is responsible for managing the online content and face of Kilroy. This includes but is not limited to: updating the public web site with announcements and news, managing the video archive system, and managing the internal Kilroy website. The Webmaster is responsible for keeping the video archive up to date. The Webmaster is responsible for the password to the SCP webspace and is responsible for not exercising inappropriate influence outside of the space reserved for Kilroy.
The Webmaster's term of office ends when the current officeholder chooses to leave. The Webmaster should endeavor to have at least one person competently trained to hold the office before leaving.

5. Special Officers
For projects Kilroy decides to undertake besides a one term sketch comedy show, a separate Producer and Director will be chosen on a case by case basis by the membership of Kilroy. The special Director has the same job as the Director of Kilroy, for the project they are directing. The special Producer has the same job as the Producer of Kilroy, for the project they are directing. The Producer and Director of Kilroy do not have ultimate authority over these special officers in their domain.

6. Officer Requirements
All officers of Kilroy must be full-time WPI students in good academic standing.

5. Meetings
General meetings of the group shall be held at the discretion of the Producer or Director of Kilroy. Special mandatory meetings may be called by the Producer, Director, or SCP Representative. Meetings shall be run at the discretion of the officers.

6. Shows
1. Performance Requirements
Kilroy is a comedy group, and is expected to produce forms of comedy throughout the academic year.

2. Show Reimbursement
Any reimbursement for the performance of a show shall be handled as defined by WPI's student organizational standards.

7. Elections & Officer Replacement/Removal
1. Election Procedures
1. Elections for Producer and Director will be moderated and run by the SCP Representative. Elections for the SCP Representative will be moderated and run by the Director and Producer. A moderator can be appointed to run the meeting if one person holds the office of SCP Representative and Director or Producer.

2. Any Kilroy member, who is a full-time WPI student in good academic standing may stand for office by being nominated by themselves or another member, and seconded by themselves or another member. The nomination may be declined.

3. The order of elections should be decided after examining the nominations, and asking people who are nominated for both positions which they prefer, and choosing an order which results in the least conflict of people running for their preferred office first.

4. Those nominated for the office being elected will leave the room, and will enter one by one and be given a reasonable time to address the group. The moderator of the election meeting may stop a candidate's speech if it is exceeding reasonable bounds. After all candidates have spoken, the group will discuss the candidates amongst themselves. When the discussion is concluded, a vote by secret ballot will be taken. Voting will be counted by the moderator of the meeting. If no candidate achieves a simple majority of valid votes cast, the candidate(s) receiving the fewest votes shall be eliminated and another vote taken, with this procedure repeated until one candidate receives a simple majority of valid votes cast. Eliminated candidates may vote in these ballots. In the case of a tie, there will be another round of discussion followed by a revote. The candidate to receive a majority of votes cast is deemed elected.

2. Removal Procedures
1. A vote to remove an officer may be called by any member by a written communication to the group detailing the reasons why. This petition must be brought up at the next available general meeting, and a vote taken on whether the petition is valid. If the petition is deemed valid by a majority of the group, a timeframe for a meeting for removal discussion and proceedings must be established. This meeting may occur no longer than two weeks after a petition is deemed valid in the case of the Producer or Director, or six weeks in the case of the SCP Representative.

2. A removal meeting for the Producer or Director will be moderated and run by the SCP Representative. A removal meeting for the SCP Representative will be moderated and run by the Producer and Director.

3. A removal meeting will begin by the accused officer addressing the group and responding to the charges. While this should take a reasonable amount of time, it is expected that the severity of the charges may warrant an extended address. After this, the group will discuss with the officer the charges. The accused officer will then leave the room, and the group will discuss the charges amongst itself. Finally, a vote will be taken. If three fourths (3/4) of all votes cast are in favor of removal, the officer is removed from office, effectively immediately.

3. Timeline for Elections
Elections for Producer and Director will take place at the end of the academic term prior to the term they will be taking office. Elections for SCP Representative will take place in C Term, prior to the General Meeting of SCP. Elections for Webmaster will take place before the position is vacated.

4. Special Elections
1. Officer positions which become vacant due to removal or other special circumstances will be filled by vote of the membership at a special election. This election must take place as soon as possible after the office is vacated, with a maximum delay of one week.

2. If at a special election for Director or Producer, no member is willing to stand for election for office, then the other officer must assume all responsibilities of the impeached officer. This is not an option for replacement of the SCP Representative.

8. Judicial Action
Kilroy will abide by the decisions of the Campus Hearing Board in dealing with charges brought against the organization.

9. Finances
No dues will be imposed on members. Regular funding for Kilroy will be via voluntary donations, fund-raising, and a budget made available through Kilroy's parent organization, Student Comedy Productions. Special funding for particular events, activities, or purchases may from time to time be sought through suggested donations, fund-raising events, or by petition to appropriate WPI or external funding sources.

10. Amendment Procedures
1. An amendment to or revision of this constitution may be proposed by any member of Kilroy, but must gain the support of either the SCP Representative, the Producer, or the Director, as well as a simple majority of the group, to be considered.

2. A meeting to discuss the proposed amendment's approval must be called within a maximum of six weeks from the date that it was deemed considerable.

3. The meeting to discuss the proposed amendment will be moderated and run by the CSP Representative. The SCP Representative will open the meeting by reading the proposed amendment, and addressing the group on the implications and ramifications of this amendment. This will be followed by a period of discussion amongst the group. Finally, a vote will be taken. If a majority of the votes are in favor of adoption, approval goes to the SCP Representative. If the SCP Representative approves the amendment, it is adopted. If the SCP Representative vetoes the amendment, a revote is called. If a three-fourths majority of the group votes in favor of the amendment, it is adopted.

11. SOC Organization and Affirmation Clause
Kilroy agrees to abide by the policies of Worcester Polytechnic Institute as well as all federal, state and local laws. Any changes to this constitution and/or bylaws will follow, in word and spirit, all WPI policies and all federal, state and local laws.

12. SCP Child Organization Clause
Kilroy Sketch Comedy is a child organization of Student Comedy Productions (SCP), and will abide by its Constitution. In the event of a contradiction between constitutions, SCP will have precedence.

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