Connor Clang

Acting Credits

  • Deceased Brother in Texting PSA, A13
  • Student in Thanks Obama, A13

Writing Credits

  • Dramatic, D13
  • Animal Control, D13
  • The Gay Sketch, A13
  • Live Studio Audience, A13
  • Kilroy Pun Comedy-Skipping Class, A13
  • Big Box, A13
  • Frenchmen, A13
  • No Church, A13
  • Thanks Obama, A13
  • Drop the Habit, B13
  • Szafarowicz, B13
  • The Bodies 1, C14
  • The Bodies 2, C14
  • The Bodies 3, C14
  • Brain of a Bear, C14
  • Slumber Party, C14
  • For a Friend, C14

Directing Credits

  • Brain of a Bear, C14
  • Dora the 19th Century Sleuth, C14


  • Connor is the one of two current Kilroy member with more scripts produced than acting roles, the other being John Amante
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