The College Crew

Consists of the following characters

College Superheroes: Episode 1

In College Superheroes: Episode 1, we see only a glimpse of each character.

Fratman opens the sketch by, with the help of Sean Dyer, spiking a punch bowl to save a drowning baby. Following that, not much more of him is revealed besides his forgetfulness with homework.

Blaine uses his powers of social invisibility in this sketch to turn in Fratman's homework for him. Earlier in the sketch, Blaine forgets about his hair, the source of his powers, leaving Fratman very confused when his homework simply disappears.

Has a Car Lad is sexually obsessed with his car, and is significantly more neurotic than he is in the second episode where, while he is still obsessed with his car, he has started to get used to the fact that no one needs it.

Amazo has only the line "I kinda liked it. … I'm gonna go play with my Wii." in this episode. He also doesn't have the same speech pattern he picks up by the second episode (in which it is extremely pronounced).

College Superheroes: Episode 2

In the second episode, we see more of the character's personalities and how they function as a group.

Fratman has significantly more character development in Episode 2, revealing that because of his stomach of infinite capacity, he has developed a tolerance to alcohol, leaving him unable to get drunk. The Crew decides to head to the chemistry labs (which are in Olin Hall) to steal some of the ethanol. He is portrayed as particularly childish when unable to get drunk.

Blaine is much more aware of his powers in Episode 2, to the point where he actually makes a point of keeping his hair back when talking to people, to avoid being ignored. He is apparently now audible when his hair is down, despite being both invisible and inaudible in Episode 1. Shown also is Blaine's frustration with the College Crew for only coming to him when they need to use his powers.

Has a Car Lad is calmer by comparison in Episode 2 than he was before. While he is no longer neurotic about the car, he tends to be a bit more forceful with his suggestions. He also tends to forget where his keys are if they are not in his right hand.

Amazo actually gives the Crew the information they need to move forward in Episode 2, by letting them know of the tanks of pure ethanol in the chemistry labs. Once they arrive, however, Amazo backs off to play with his DS (specifically Brain Age).

Over-Achievement Girl is introduced in this episode as well, revealing that because of her power of social aptitude she can see and hear Blaine perfectly well, even when using his own powers of social invisibility. She is obsessed with work and perfection, leaving her in the chemistry labs at midnight calibrating scales.

The College Crew Movie?

Plans are being set down for a possible movie-length College Superheroes, covering the events of both College Superheroes: Episode 1 and College Superheroes: Episode 2, and including a crossover with various older KILROY sketches, primarily The Elitists and Murphy Meets Dr. Vulture, with other minor cameos throughout.

The list of possible plot devices includes, but is not limited to:

  • Fratman has a bladder of infinite capacity, causing a massive bladder infection.
  • Blaine gets frustrated and leaves the College Crew, discovering another group (The Elitists) more willing to make him stronger.
  • Has a Car Lad drives a car… to the hospital.
  • Amazo plays Virtual Boy.
  • Over-Achievement Girl turning "evil" when the villain gives her work to do, which she can't refuse.
  • Harvard being kicked out of Harvard for being a serious douche.
  • Harvard winning over the College Crew one by one in Blaine's absence.
  • Dr. Vulture pitting the College Crew against one another.
  • Captain Elitist being far too bored to do anything, elitism included.
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