Channel 6 News

Channel 6 News (WKSC and WKSC-HD) is a local Worcester-based news station. Currently their top-rated evening news program airs at 10PM weekdays and 11PM on weekends. (Channel 6 was the second station in the Boston area to provide regular high definition news coverage.)

Jack Wilson and Gaffy Galafagos are current anchors (Gaffy was originally found as a Jack Wilson lookalike for Channel 6's "Good Morning, Television" series on local celebrity lookalikes), with Biff Tadley as chief meterologist, and Fergie Fergeson as head reporter.

Channel 6 has been a Focks affiliate since 1992; prior to that, it was an CBS affiliate since the station's inception in 1974. Due to a bizarre licensing agreement when the switch was made, and due to the fact that most Focks programming is completely worthless, Channel 6 continues to air first-run episodes of The Price is Right at 11AM.

Channel 6 aired coverage of the MAYM trials, and a controversial prank news story fabricated by MIT students. Regular programming includes the new reality television series Reverse Medication.

More recently, Biff Tadley was fired and rehired overnight after the new weatherman showed a predilection for show tunes. Consequently, the entire production staff was sacked and replaced by new members.

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