Brian Copeland

Acting Credits

  • Rusty Headsmash in Kil Roy Trailer, C15
  • Warrior in Enter the Hidden Fearless Dragon 3: Return From Kung Fu Island, C15
  • Student in For Just a Dollar a Day, C15
  • Student in Leave Room for Jesus, C15
  • Boss 2 in Handshake, D15
  • Extra in Latin Kings, A15
  • Military Officer in Coleman Stacey, A15
  • Extra in Blood Letter, A15
  • Evan in Gonzo Robotics, A15
  • Extra in White Girls: An Intervention, B15
  • Roman 3 in Caesar, B15
  • Storm Trooper 3 in Stormtrooper Basic Training, B15
  • Announcer 4 in Big Credits Big Secret, C16
  • Meth head in Medicinal Meth, C16
  • Extra in World War D, D16
  • Captain 1 in One, D16
  • Ned in Don't Feed the Waterfowl, D16
  • Additional Scientist in Scientific Quandary, A16
  • Mugger in Life Coach, A16
  • Hero in Enter the Hidden Fearless Dragon 5: The Search for Enter the Hidden Fearless Dragon 4: Revenge of Kung Fu Island, B16
  • Other Fighter in Walrus, B16
  • Shark 3 in Shark Tank: Gluten Free Boxes, B16
  • Shark 3 in Shark Tank: Swirl Lab, B16
  • Officer 3 in Death Star Board Room, B16
  • Randall in Tech-life Support, C17
  • Brian in Its Always Windy in Worcester, C17
  • Sad Person 2 in Entitled to Compensation, C17
  • Extra in That Counts, C17
  • Brian in Soap Pepper, D17
  • Child in Genie, D17
  • Radiocaster in A Killer Part7, D17
  • Body in // A Killer Party//, D17

Directing Credits

  • Axe Murderer, C16
  • Waitlist & Make Room, C16
  • Surprise!, D16
  • Cavity Search, A16
  • Noise Cancelling Headphones, A16
  • We Didn't Raise a Quitter, B16
  • Clorox, B16
  • Too Late, C17
  • Christ on a Bike, C17
  • Andrew Jackson: The Video Game, C17
  • Don't Make a Scene, D17

Writing Credits

  • Andrew Jackson: The Video Game, C17


  • Brian did not have a speaking role until his twelfth sketch, nearly a year after he joined Kilroy.
  • He can do backflips when commanded
  • Nobody spells his name correctly
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