Brandon Shaw

Acting Credits

  • Bill in Finals Countdown, C13
  • Bed-mate 1 in Hall Sports, C13
  • Boy in It Isn't Christmas, C13
  • Billy in School Misconduct, C13
  • Chan in Enter the Hidden Fearless Dragon, D13
  • Shanahan in Animal Control, D13
  • Ben in Lobster, D13
  • Bro 1 in The Gay Sketch, A13
  • Chris in Live Studio Audience, A13
  • Guy in Vaguely Erotic Images Of…, A13
  • Steven in Drop the Habit, B13
  • Frunk in Pulp Friction, C14
  • Jerry in Pulp Friction, C14
  • Bro 1 in Sleeveless Bros Walking in the Rain, A14
  • Bro 2 in Water Bottle, A14
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