Ben Schade

Show Credits

  • Producer B17
  • Director C18

Acting Credits

  • Mugger 2 in Welcome to College, A16
  • Scientist in Scientific Quandary, A16
  • George in Life Coach, A16
  • Snailien in Snailiens, B16
  • Bob in Dump Truck, C17
  • Sad Person 1 in Entitled to Compensation, C17
  • Subject 7 in Soap Pepper, D17
  • Child in You Can't Prove That!, D17
  • Character in Relatable Content, A17
  • Youngin' in Seniors, A17
  • Toni in Let's Make a Band, A17
  • Paul in Curve Killer, B17
  • Official in Lie Detector, B17

Directing Credits

  • Chosen One, D17
  • Tables Turn, A17
  • Nature Documentary on Freshman, A17
  • The Haunting, A17
  • Resume, B17
  • Evilly Cleaning, B17
  • Dude, Love Your Costume, B17
  • Compliments, B17
  • The Riot, C18
  • Intro, C18
  • Larvae, C18
  • Murder Mystery, C18

Writing Credits

  • Tables Turn, A17
  • Evilly Cleaning, B17
  • Compliments, B17
  • Evil Ads, C18
  • Larvae, C18
  • Intro, C18
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