Taymon Beal

Acting Credits

  • Dudeguy in Truth or Dare, A10
  • Edward Williamshmear in We Can Rebuild Him, B10
  • Student in Hazing at Hogwarts, B10
  • Nerdy Student 3 in Coach Football, C11
  • A Kid You've Never Heard Of in Race to Which Mountain?, D11
  • Captain Redshirt in Moonpocalypse: REVENGE!, D11
  • Steve in The Hurricane, A11
  • Memory in Double Stuffed Gambit, B11
  • Red Shirt in Occupy, B11
  • Rob in Old Timey Lifeguard, B11
  • Head of Department in The Russian, B11
  • Parker in Boss Man, D12
  • Parker in Boss Puppet, D12
  • Harold in Harold, D12
  • Narrator in Pandora Advertisements, D12
  • Carlos in Spanish Soap Opera, D12
  • Richard in Bubbleposion, A12
  • Guy 2 in The Cause, D13
  • Spam Guard in Spam: The Musical, D13
  • Communist in Socialist Media, D13
  • Toothbrusher in No Church, A13
  • Person 3 in Bed, B13
  • Morvao in The Great Morvao, B13
  • Child in Lamp, A14

Writing Credits

  • The Hall of Disorienting Camera Angles, or, The Cameraman Killer, A10
  • The Hurricane, A11
  • Gary For President, A12
  • Instructor Jeremiah in Third Gear, D14
  • Banquo in Modern MacBeth, A14
  • Witch in Modern MacBeth, A14
  • Ghost of Banquo in Modern MacBeth, A14

Directing Credits

  • Assistant, Generic Negative Campaign Ad, A10
  • Clapper Operator, Raptor Gaga, B10
  • Reading Time, D11
  • The Wind in the Willows, A11
  • Assistant, Bistro Dijou, A11
  • The Curse, B12

Recurring Characters

  • A Red Shirt
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