Amy Toscano

Acting Credits

  • Girl 2 in Don't Copy That Floppy, B14
  • Girlfriend in Realistic Action, C15
  • Sally in The Thomas Poop Affair, D15
  • Winning Candidate in Yes We Can, A15
  • Rachel in Tony's Cronies, A15
  • Friend 2 in White Girls: An Intervention, B15
  • Sally in Take One for the Road, C16
  • Amy in Welcome to Upper Fuller, D16
  • Cop in A Weekend Affair, A16
  • Katie in Autocorrect Barista, B16
  • Teacher in That Counts, C17

Writing Credits

  • A Thousand Miles, A15
  • Racist Starbucks, A15


  • Within an hour of becoming the PR Officer, Amy got 10 new people to like the Facebook page. She also created Kilroy's 3rd Twitter account.
  • Amy has an unfortunate fondness of John Cena jokes.
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